Baja Ride Day 4

Too many WiFi issues to post a well written logical story. Sorry. Here’s the best I can do under the current circumstances.

Our journey down Baja riding motorcycles is a journey of discovery for some, for others like me, the surrounding Mexico backdrop, plays itself out similar to the scenery in a play. Totally fitting words as we (today) now blast our way north towards the lovely little town of Todos Santos; where Mexicans from all over flock to see their lovely sidewalks that are all uniform in size, shape and even width. But wait- forget all that sidewalk rant. We just found out while riding that Roberto’s birthday is today. So, what Roberto wanted most of all for his birthday was to swim in the Sea of Cortez.

So, we accomodated him by chartering a small boat that took us out to Ballandra beach. Ballandra was once voted one of the most beautiful beaches in the world out of a list of 100 beaches.

That of course isn’t true for most of the other little towns that we stayed in or passed. In some towns the streets sink, the sidewalks are huge with intentional drop offs, and they crumble at your feet. Some sidewalks even resemble more a livestock loading ramp than a people mover.

When we arrived at our hotel room for the evening the gnats wouldn’t leave us alone; just like that cloud over Pigpen. The gnats swarmed all about us sucking up the moisture from our faces and helmet. A local, perhaps the hotel owner said they only come out after it rains; and not to worry, the mosquitoes will soon chase them away. He smiled, I smiled and then I saw a few of the guys walking around in Keith’s home tye died t shirts that he “freely “ handed out at the start of our Baja Ride. Another even larger smile.

The large oscillating fan now cooled our little Todos Santos room well enough, as there was no air conditioner. But hey, it’s November 10th, outside it’s 80+ in the shade and we’re in Baja. Yesterday five of us even took a little ski boat out to Ballandra beach and went swimming. Somewhere nearby in La Paz there are whale sharks swimming about but, none of them came close enough to see.

I had no idea Todos Santos stretched out this far and way; and that hotels still exist on red dirt single track motorcycle roads. This place even has a pool with cold questionable chlorine water in it. Yet somehow it all works, and once again us stinky GPSKEVIN bikers not only like it but, love it.

I wish we could stay two more days in Todos Santos to explore the nearby Hotel California. Across the Hotel California there’s even a one drink margarita that will set you back a $20 US.

The fact that Gpskevin sprung for last nights evening dinner even made it more special and amazing. We are still celebrating Roberto’s birthday celebration for another few more hours.

This morning Roberto made a huge announcement to those nearby. He said, I know of a really good Taco place in LaPaz. Just like that. The way he said it and the way everyone heard it was similar to Kip Thorne making an announcement that he just discovered a black hole in the universe.

And once again he delivered. We entered the Bismarcito restaurant in La Paz and Roberto takes us to this unassuming street vendor cart in the restaurant. This is where it all started says the guy behind the counter. We have marlin empanadas, octopus tacos, shrimp, crabmeat, manta ray, and fish. Probably a few more but, I can’t recall. The food, the atmosphere, the service. Excellent. We have truly not had one bad meal in all of Baja.

The roosters have been crowing for hours, the WiFi still sucks and the old handmade curtains fly this way and that. A bare lightbulb hangs from the ceiling. My belly feels content. Last night a local woman showed up promptly at 6:00 p.m. and a little bbq chicken feast slowly grew into the most finger licking food of this entire ride.

More to follow!