The Retirement Life Thus Far

‘Why don’t you write a book she now says to me? Not till version 4.0 of the Writer’s Shed is finished, I answer. Or better yet, not till I’m older, says the old guy staring back in the mirror. My stories do seem to come up like trees lately, sprouting roots all over.

No, I said firmly. Why not? ‘Because I darned well haven’t got time to write a book’, I’m too busy to slow down, plus staying alive is still taking 85% of my time; so what time do I have left over to write a decent book?

And then I continue on describing and explaining to precious Patti, the vicious cycle that prevents me from writing any protracted piece of prose. Wow, did I just tap that out? Literally, yes. Even though at one time I was capable of typing 65 wpm (words per minute); best thing I learned in high school, I single finger tap out each word you are reading on an iPhone.

Then why,’ she asks, ‘don’t you stop being ADHD crazy, get wise to yourself and finish that Motorcycle Taco Ride book you got started during our COVID lockdown?

Possibly, cause I haven’t felt locked down at all I say. My 2020 BMW GSA 1250 bikes odometer just hit 21,509 miles. That’s one full year and two weeks of riding. The Bike Bros have allot to do with this.

That last question she asked of me was spot on. I blame it all on a past foresight to plan ahead and manage accordingly the four pillars of retirement, i.e. health, family, purpose and good finances. Throw in the modern decadence of our civilization and there you have it. A Duffer’s Drift if you will. The book was required reading back in 19??, when I was but a young Army Infantry Lieutenant. The 1904 book by Ernest D. Swinton had a character by the name of Lieutenant Backsight Forethought who commanded fifty men and was initially given his first assignment to defend Duffer’s Drift, a natural ford to a river.

Unbeknownst to him a large force of fierce fighting Boers is moving toward his position.

This scenario is played out six separate times, (like my life) in six “dreams.” In the early scenarios, BF and his British troops are ignominiously defeated.

After each defeat, BF learns lessons and adapts his strategy for the later encounters. The later dreams end more inconclusively, and in the final dream, BF and his command successfully hold out long enough to be relieved.

The book encourages what is called critical thinking. What you need to acquire early on in life, just so you can survive retirement, and subsequently your slow demise, before moving on to the great adventure of life.

I also told my significant other that I write about as bad as a badly taught and inexperienced schoolboy; but, I have thoughts and things to say that now come to me easily, and my-words just seem to flow out like lava spewing from a hot volcano.

I need travel to keep me in thoughts. Thoughts about life, history, and travel to places that there were people that were once alive, warm and doing just fine. Then we came along with new technologies, killed, pushed them off, and put the remaining ones on reservations.

When do you think humans first discovered death or dying?

Any age over 60 and you are most certainly declining almost daily, as a human being. No. Not in the physical sense. Most of us are actually stronger since retirement, plus starting a boot camp type gym has helped me tremendously. I’m referring to the decline of the mind.

In my book, if I ever go on to write one, we’re either making things happen, having things happen to us, or wondering what the hell happened. So, are we now the light or the lightbulb? Is there a fear of growing old with subsequent death, at my door step?

If one was a car I would say that there go the tires, and the odometer now has gone past the 250,000 mile mark. The eyesight, is still fading and so is the hearing, what comes next? One thing after another. The wise and wisdomed old man now says.

And now I leave you in your thoughts with some random pictures taken just this month. The first is Marionberry pie. If you haven’t had the pleasure then you are not yet a pie conosier. The second picture was taken at the Talbot motorcycle museum. Visit one. The third picture up by Big Sur, California. The fourth picture is to go take a hike. Your mind, body and soul will thank you.

Now go enjoy this beautiful thing we have called life! Remember to park your dues. And that there’s-no do overs unless of course you learn lessons and adapt your strategy for your later life.

Trawlercat (21 days before my birthday)

The pie
The museum
The ocean
The hike