Day 6 Olympic peninsula ride

In Sequim Washington for the night where the outside weather is a toasty 50 degrees now, with a mix of freezing rain. Yesterday the hotel front desk clerk must’ve really liked us stinking bikers, because she offered us up her best rooms, on the second floor.

She also mentioned that too many dog people have been staying with us lately,; and we put them all on the first floor.

Tom and I don’t know about the downstairs rooms but, Tom entered our room, made a quick assessment of the place and then named our room, the San Andreas fault room; on account of a huge visible crack line bulging directly up into the carpet, running the entire length of the room.

Other room oddities are a running toilet, and a light that won’t switch off. We do enjoy the sound machine/AC/HVAC unit. All the one and two stars hotels we stayed in seem to have one. Not complaining here, as the sound it makes helps to drown out or dampen any snoring stinky biker roommate.

In Concrete Washington- Baker River Wood Works

Yesterday everyone went on a diet all at once. I say this because we skipped our usual second breakfast, skipped happy hour, and skipped dinner.

The usual for this group now is a second breakfast at a somewhat nice sit down place, like this morning. The Blue Moose is highly recommended if you’re in the Port Townsend area.

Our Yoda Mike is probably still carting around those last remaining bottles of Oregon IPA’s. We now have one last night to enjoy it. The beer and Tom’s bourbon made it a great after dinner drink for those that wound up with a roommate with a snoring problem.

Andre and Estella are our lovely couple from Mexico City. Andre’s wife shared a little secret with us yesterday when her huckleberry cobbler topped with vanilla ice cream arrived. She wished she had her aged bottle of tequila, to add a drop or two to the dessert. It’s secreted in a drawer at her school in Mexico City, marked teacher’s only.

Yesterday right after her lunch, of a sourdough bowl filled with delicious clam chowder, a salad, a few bites or two of her husband’s crab Louie; I noticed her helmet drooping like a bird with a bent neck. If she wasn’t sleeping while riding pillion, then she must’ve been praying to the rain gods, holding back our rain.

Tom made coffee this morning and I wouldn’t drink it. My wife has me trained. No drinking coffee when you find the pot in the bathroom, and a spitting distance from the toilet.

My socks are now starting to also stand up on their own. I park them right next to my motorcycle boots at the end of the night; and still find them standing in the morning.

Waiting on a ferry.

While waiting to board the ferry at Port Townsend to Coupeville a guy started a conversation. He says their from Vegas escaping the heat. What’s there to do on the island, I asked? Wine tasting he says.

We rode into Deception park for a photo shoot and then proceeded out to Whitbey island. Our ride carried us through the rain at Deception pass, Oak Harbor, Coupeville. When we rode across some railroad tracks; I noticed a sasquash museum, so I quickly pull over. The photos are now on my GoPro.

At this point Roberto and I were riding. together. Just when the weather seems to be throwing us lemons, we meet the nicest guy. Charlie has been building up his Sasquatch collection for the past eight years. A former Kawasaki dirt bike racer now in his former glory years, with his very own Sasquatch museum. Imagine that!

The first Europeans to see Deception Pass were members of a 1790 Spanish expedition. The Spanish gave it the name. A group of sailors led by Joseph Whidbey, was part of the Vancouver Expedition, they found and mapped Deception Pass on June 7, 1792.

I also noticed the Double Barrel BBQ restaurant at Sedro-Wooley. We took the place over to stay out of the rain. The group found each other. The entrance to the North Cascades Highway is just up the road from Concrete.

Concrete Hotel sign – our lodging

My lunch is now a brisket sandwich with sides of fried okra and sweet pea succotash.

Roberto’s plate

Since it’s still raining outside we are touring a wood workshop. Something you don’t see every day.