Day 5 Olympic Motorcycle Ride

Our planned ride today is to Neah Bay with planned lodging at Sequim, Washington. It’s near the John Wayne marina and our next mornings ferry boat ride to Port Townsend.

It’s 41 degrees outside at 0630 with a 70% chance of rain in the forecast. As soon as I step out of my room I encounter Yoda Mike. He is a four/five hour sleeper and the first one outside in search of early morning coffee. Apparently there’s a term for it, “short sleeper” and apparently it’s also genetic and a great gift to have.

This morning after chatting with Mike I walk across the street to a local coffee shop and ask for a table for six. She looks at me like I was asking for a rare commodity before moving on to serve the other eight or ten tables in her section. Another short staffed restaurant.

I walk back to let the group know of our bleak breakfast options. My roommate Tom does a little online inquiry and finds a “coastal” breakfast spot thirty miles away that opens at 0800.

Coho special at Clallam, Washington

We arrived at the Breakwater restaurant in Clallam, Washington ten minutes early. The waitress and cook were still enjoying their last smoke break before opening up for us bikers. It turned out to be the most beautiful spot ever overlooking the straits of Juan de Fuca. The above was written after a fantastic breakfast. My meal was the locals Reddevil. French toast, bacon eggs, hash browns and coffee.

“Be grateful for the fact that you have another day for enjoying life.”

Breakfast- Coho Salmon
Lunch Crab Louie

The temperature outside is still 40 degrees but, thankfully it’s still clear and sunny outside and it remains that way the rest of the day.

Immediately we meet Aaron from Connecticut who rode here from his home state. He is on an 8,000 mile road trip in 30 days on a 1992 Katana.

He joined our table for breakfast. Aaron shared with us a fantastic ride his way; Connecticut to Newfoundland with a 14 hour ferry ride to get there. He is on a 30 day ride now and highly recommended we also include the Cascades. The North Cascades—are also known as the “American Alps”—as they have snow-topped mountains, rivers, and valleys year round. Jaw dropping beauty is how I described it the first time I saw it. Roberto says we can fit it in tomorrow. We shall see.

Aaron from Connecticut

Today we went as far as possible to Neah bay however, it was closed to all but locals. We enjoyed the twisties right next to the shoreline immensely. Clallam bay is on the strait of juan de fuca highway

From here we went towards an out and back to a nearby lake. The excitement occurred (at least only known to me) when we all passed a Frito Lays truck on a twisting windy road. He (the driver) then gave it all the truck had to try to keep up with us. Of course it wasn’t possible but, we could still see him in the distance. Reminded me of the movie Duel, in which a mild mannered electronics salesman, is driving cross-country on a two-lane highway when he encounters an old oil tanker driven by an unseen driver who seems to enjoy annoying him. Unable to escape the big rig, David finds himself in a dangerous game of cat and mouse with the monstrous truck.

Our lunch was at Port Angeles. Apparently, we’re in the only Washington state county now (King) that forces restaurants to have their customers show their current Covid shot record or else, no food. Of course we all did, for the excellent Dungeness crab but, two of our party didn’t have their shot records with them. No problem, a little creative editing, air drop and problem solved. Stinking Bikers.

Bob catching Coho Salmon