Day 4 – Olympic peninsula ride

The riders were ready to go and ready for coffee at 0700 but, unfortunately for us the lodge wasn’t. They serve coffee starting at 0900; coffee is available in the rooms but, its all decaffeinated.

Last nights dinner options at the lodge in the woods included six varieties of fresh caught salmon but, it was take out only. We turned lemons into lemonade by having a picnic style dinner right outside of our rooms, overlooking Lake Quinault. Fantastic food, good friends, and a priceless view. Thank you Kevin, Jane and Yoda Roberto and Mike for a most memorable of days. We’re at the Quinault Lodge.

Everyone agreed on doing the out and back from yesterday’s ride this morning. An out and back is where you ride out and then you return to where you started. Four miles in the road turns to wet gravel. This scared some, others thrived, especially the KTMS.

Our first breakfast of the day was at the Lake Quinault, Americas Rainforest Internet Cafe. The internet never did work but, the service (Maria from Mazatlan) was excellent and the food was plentiful and good.

Today according to Estella from Mexico City is Mexican Independence Day in Mexico. We all thought it was cinco de Mayo but, we were wrong.

The ride today also called for an in and out to the Hoh rain forest. We rode in quite a ways before reaching the entrance however, due to road maintenance and traffic several of us turned around and headed to the Forks Motel. Unfortunately for the Mexican city contingent they never got the memo so they stayed in line. We haven’t seen them since.

Most everyone else regrouped then headed to this beautiful point in LaPush.

LaPush, Washington is where the demarcation line was signed with the vampires. At least according to this sign.

The Author Stephenie Meyer chose the Olympic Peninsula, as the location for a vampire clan to settle into. Maybe it’s on account of the the town’s annual rainfall, which averages 120 inches of rain annually.

While enjoying salmon dip, crackers and a salmon burger meal we meet this guy who invited us over to his place.

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