Olympic Motorcycle Ride 9/11/2021

We woke up early in Menlo Park, California but, by the end of the day, four of us riders, Roberto, Mike, Dave and I traveled 662 miles to Portland, Oregon. We met Ovi, the Store Manager from Motoquest Portland when we arrived and he joined us for dinner and drinks.

Motoquest is an outfit that offers premium guided ride adventures around the world. We, of course are not of the (premium) persuasion, so we are doing a more budget friendly version, via the Gpskevinride variety. By the end of the week our goal is to circumnavigate (via Gps) the entire Olympic peninsula.

At one point on our ride we load the bikes aboard a ferry to reach our intended road that is super imposed onto the Google maps.

In the movie the Wizard of Oz the Munchkins told Dorothy when she asked how to get to the Emerald City to see the Wizard. The Gpskevinride variety is just as simple; except thankfully, we don’t have to encounter any wicked witches of the North along the road.

We were each mailed a chip to install in our Garmin gps with a simple set of instructions. The process is clear, follow the yellow brick road for Dorothy; but, for us it’s follow the blue line.

Today is my day three away from home and a tremendous amount of great memories have been made thus far. Day 1 we visited an amazing motorcycle riding couple (Dan and Peggy) when we first arrived. Peggy fed us a fantastic burger lunch, homemade salad and Vitamin water.

We were all left in awe with their home, property and airplane hangar wall. By the mere pull of a Frankenstein type pull switch, current flows through and powers an entire hangar door that then fold onto itself, exposing what else but. the entire Washington outdoors to the indoors.

Unfortunately, we were all sworn to secrecy as to never, ever to reveal it’s true location, unless of course you find yourself on a similar Gpskevinride.

Our ride starts tomorrow in Enumclaw, Washington. If you only want to read about the actual Olympic ride then that is further down below in the story.

Yesterday Roberto and I kept real busy all day getting his motorcycle and trailer ready for the ride up. The highlight of the day was riding Skyline Highway, properly known as California State Route 35. It is now by far the greatest ride ever, I filmed some of the ride on my GoPro but, can’t easily share it now.

Skyline highway spans the northern crest of the Santa Cruz Mountains, and winds its way through a redwood forest. You could probably search every corner of the USA for the best rides and you can’t do better than riding the Peninsula Skyline Highway.

At one point Roberto took me through a city called Atherton. Ever heard of it? All the homes I saw are gated. Like Mike’s. Except they all have large lots and mansion like home. Facebook and Google are nearby.

Our biggest accomplishment of the day was loading Roberto’s motorcycle onto the back of his Tacoma truck and my bike onto a motorcycle trailer.

Roberto’s Honda almost came loose on hwy 280, as we brought it back to Menlo Park. Mike loaned us a homemade former jet ski/wood hauling metal trailer that was a good fit for my massive GSA BIKE but, not Roberto’s.

Yesterday I spoke a little about Yoda Roberto. Today I’ll tell you about two other guys on the ride. My wife Patti even cringes at the thought of me writing about other people. She says not everyone welcomes the additional attention.

I say to her there’s probably no more than five people at the most reading this blog; and two of those are you and I.

Yoda Mike has arms and hands the size of the Green Hulks and piercing green eyes. And of course he appropriately rides a KTM. Dave on the other hand is a complete spitting image of Christopher Reeves. Yes, Superman. He is so authentic looking he shared that for the past ten years he dresses up like Clark Kent – and not on Halloween. AND HE ALSO RIDES A KTM.

So far everyone I’ve met on this ride is a great credit to any ride- some of the nicest people you will ever meet that ride Hondas, BMWs and KTMS.

Tomorrow starts the ride!!!!