Tiny Shed Projects

My new vision for a proper storage shed came to me when we visited the Garden gallery in Morro bay, California. What I liked most of all was the simplicity of the way the plants and items for sale were shown. Gallery like. Open space with lots of calm interspersed.

Gone now is a desire to simply house my tools in a large shed. When I got home I started to take a critical look at the way things now looked.

Today’s home sheds should serve many more purposes like for example, as a tiny home, a he/she shed, writer’s shed, shop or other hobby uses.

Version 1.0 – First attempt

To take our shed to the next level, I first built a smaller shed, to house what I’m now taking out of the big shed. The idea was to make it cute, the cuter the better.

And so, after finishing the little shed I still felt it needed something. So, I added a little cupola to it. The shed is now positioned in a most idyllic of spots, on the corner of its own walled in garden area, protectively surrounded by ten foot tall honey suckle and jasmine hedges.

Version 2.0 – aka Workout area that lasted briefly
Version 3.0 – Received minimal use
Start of Version 4.0 –
Tiny Shed V1.0 – ready for paint
Pond Project Version 1.0

A work in progress. Enjoy your Labor Day. September 2021.

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  1. A perfect manshed….just make sure you put a lock on the door so the wife doesn’t bother you.😂😂


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