Old Age/Jeep/Motorcycle/Retired/Manners/Greetings of the Day

When asked: “What did God do before he created the universe?” I didn’t reply: “He was preparing Hell for people who asked such questions.”

And that my friends is how it felt pondering thoughts of why a good many young people don’t feel it necessary to offer up an adios, a goodbye, or even the greetings of the day anymore. Sooner or later, you too may start to notice that people would rather stare down at their phones, pretending to do something important, than simply saying something as simple as a greeting.

Maybe mannerisms are changing with technology advances. I ride a motorcycle and I also drive a jeep. The reason I share this now is because as early as WWII, Jeeps started the wave, as a way to differentiate ally, enemy or as a simple way to greet their fellow soldier. Today it’s not uncommon to get a jeep wave almost every time I drive my jeep.

And motorcycle riders as early as 1904, also started their own version of the wave that continues even today. The wave started when Harley was heading one way and then Davidson passed by him; they passed each other and both of them waved; and the rest is now USA riding history. And supposedly this exchange was also seen by other riders who all assumed it was just part of their riding etiquette.

Courtesy of Gil – on the Washington BDR

This to me is very likely. In my humble opinion, the wave is seen as a friendly wish for each other to stay safe and as a way to signal that we share something in common, something that most people probably won’t get a chance to ever experience or to even understand.

The greeting of the day should not exist just for total strangers. It should always be common courtesy for the younger generation of people/riders/jeep drivers to continue this older generation tradition. I see it slowly slipping away as we continue living our post COVID social media and virtual world.

Courtesy of Mark – Sawtooth Highway

Are People now too used to talking to people electronically that we forget how to do it face-to-face? I’m now in the process of educating three grandkids. I tell them- Don’t be that person who pretends not to see people walking by. Be social, be happy, make your day better with real interaction while brightening up someone else’s!

If bored with “hello,” then use one of the others like they do in the rest of the world.

Aloha: Hawaiian
Hola: Spanish
Que pasa: Spanish
Bonjour: French
Hallo: German
Ciao: Italian
Konnichiwa: Japanese

Trawlercat! Adios.