An Outdoor Shower

Sometimes the road of life leads you to some unexpected small joy. Today, that joy comes to me in the form of my outdoor shower that proved extremely useful during our 2021 summers heatwave. Every home I’ve owned so far, always ends up with an outdoor shower sooner or later for various reasons. In our present home there’s a waterfall rock pond nearby but, the bathrooms or changing areas are a distance away. Rather than have grandkids slip, fall or track wet little feet across tile floors, they can now use the outdoor shower to change and shower. The water goes into the ground, the towels air dry and everyone is happy.

Anyplace there’s a spigot nearby can easily be transformed to a warm or hot water flowing shower oasis. For less than $100 you can buy and install a tankless propane water heater. I also use our outdoor shower to wash our chocolate lab dog after she swims in a nearby river.