The Baja Scooter Adventure

An adventure can be described a number of different ways, such as comic, perilous, absurd or tragical, exhilarating youthful, desperate, wild, extravagant, primitive, bitter and heartbreaking, daring, physical, extraordinary and madly heroic. While in the San Felipe area of Baja, a group of friends were enjoying our own motorcycle Baja adventure. This is when I first met, I’ll call them the couple from Mexico City.

Those that choose to go out on an adventure usually set off on the transportation that is now available to them. And this is just what they did. The original plan called for bicycles but, then he came across a “crappy” scooter that he purchased for 75 pesos or around $3.69 US. At least that’s what I assumed I heard and interpreted to my fellow adventure riders and Gpskevin.

He figured that it would eventually crap out along the way and they could assume their adventures on those bicycles, they haven’t yet purchased.

Their journey of 100 days started 38 days ago when I first met them in El Rosario, Baja. They traveled up the Mexican coastline and then started back down on the Sea of Cortez Baja side of the peninsula.

Initially the couple only planned on going as far as the scooter or the money held out. When they encountered their group of adventure bike riders they said this was their first mistake.

The adventure bike riders they encountered in Mazatlan gave them so much encouragement that they felt they could not yet quit or disappoint. So, they continued on.

Additionally, the most important part is that those guys replenished their kitty allowing them additional $$ to continue.

They said the same thing kept repeating itself and happening over and over. And now this is when they ran into me; who was able to translate it all and share their stories with my riding buddies.

The story also touched us all and so, in the spirit of youth and adversity , everyone gave a little.

So if you are down Baja way and see this tiny scooter with two up and a large airline luggage plus a five gallon fuel jug up front; please stop and say hola.

Your adventurous life will be lifted. Promise.