Mosaic pebble project/Grandkids

Huckleberry Finn, from Tom Sawyer, he’s the guy you all know that was out painting or rather white washing the fence.

He really didn’t want to do it so, just like me he starts to show people (spouse and a four year old grandkid) how this mosaic pebble project is so much fun. And just like that, the project gradually got away from me. Here’s how I did it.

Step 1 – you gather up your materials with a trip to the nearest HD or Lowe’s. You spread out the colorful rocks before your audience and announce your intentions.

Step 2 – you come up with a pebble rock pattern that (she) doesn’t like. You continue searching the internet for additional inspiration. The boy wanted a Ranger X pattern. I had two holes to fill after removing two avocado trees that the winds killed this year.

Before you know it, my two Tom Sawyers are actively engaged in their own designs. Sorting rocks and enjoying all the new creativity that they are now experiencing.

We could’ve easily sat on the couch this Saturday, watching the little guy playing legos or some other imagination game but, if we did that then the kid won’t be inspired or tired enough for a nap.

My hat is off to those truly inspired and creative people out there. The work is in the hauling, carrying and mixing. Google pebble mosaic designs or watch a few YouTube videos for some additional inspiration and how to.

This project is simple enough that even a four year old can tackle it, with a little Huck Finn sprinklings.