Sunrise Highway/Sunday Ride

Super Bowl Sunday 2021, eight Bike Bros motorcycles riders met up to ride Sunrise Highway. Sunshine Highway is a road that runs through the Laguna Mountains east of San Diego from I-8 at Laguna Summit (Exit 47) to State road 79 near Cuyamaca Lake.

Since the road rises up to around 6000′, it is very popular this time of year for hikers and families looking for snow to sled on. Remnants of a recent snow storm were still evident everywhere but, not on the now dry roads.

Earlier that morning Kevin, Ky and I met up in Riverside, California where the temperatures started out in the high 40’s. We met the rest of the riders in the Murrietta area. And four hours into our ride the temperatures towards the San Diego area shot up to the mid to high 70’s. Off came two or three layers of clothing.

The weather is perhaps the number one reason people want to live, visit and ride California.

The highway now called the Sunshine Highway was originally built in the 1920’s. The roads were modernized again in the 50’s and later in the 70’s. The viewpoints overlooking the Anza Borrego Desert State Park are stunning. In 2010, while thru hiking the PCT, in this area I recall a posted picture on a signpost of a dead 200+ pound mountain lion. The sign read hikers beware of mountain lions, do not hike alone.

The closest resupply town from here is Julian. Famous for their Apple pies. Dropping down hundreds of feet in elevation from Julian the PCT then continues through the town of Warner Springs. From the Sunrise Highway you can access the PACIFIC CREST TRAIL either north or southbound. You can’t actually see the trail from the road.

I guarantee you that non of us came this way today to hike. We came to ride and hopefully, enjoy a great meal.

Since everyone was hungry we chose the Pine House Cafe. The food was good but, not excellent. If you ride with a group you naturally become a better rider. If you also eat out often you too will become more of a Foodie.

A foodie is someone who knows food, has tried a huge variety of different and uncommon dishes, and will try almost anything. That about describes most everyone riding today.

Right behind the restaurant is a Tiny House Block worth exploring.

The address is 9849 Sunrise Highway, Mount Laguna, CA 91948. According to their brochure Tiny House Block is dedicated to connecting individuals to beautiful mountains and hiking, minimalist values, and genuine community.

“We believe that in our modern age, to experience real health and happiness, we must unplug from our electronic devices and get in touch with what truly matters. By either offering a warm one-day respite from hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, or a permanent place to call home, or a second home, the community at Tiny House Block has got your back. Discover for yourself what’s possible!”

How we managed to turn today into a nine hour motorcycle riding day, is an example of how many endless roads, abound in our area. If you ride, your understand the thrill of the chase. If you don’t, then I understand why it would be hard to understand why anyone would want to go at a high rate of speed, to approach an ever twisting road. Yet, this is the source of our satisfaction. Smooth in, faster out, describes the adrenaline rush achieved from chasing your friends by firmly hugging a curvy road at high speed.

The overachievers in our riding group (i.e. Tony, Paolo, Ky) are able to almost touch the pavement with their knees as they lean their sport bike at a maximum angle. The motorcycles tires stay firmly planted on the pavement but, at a more than 20 degrees angle. Want to know how we get better, we Ride.

Want to know what our end goal is: arriving home safely!