A Pink Experiment/Granddaughters/.99 cent store


This morning I take my granddaughters out and turn them loose in a .99 cent store; each with her very own adult size shopping basket, and absolutely no parental controls, and not even a budget. It would probably take me longer explaining it to them, than the entire experience.

My first observation is; where there is a will there is a way.

The (3) year old now carries her own basket like a seasoned veteran. It took her something like a minute flat for the shopping gene to kick in.

Anything pink catches the (4) year old Alice’s eye immediately; be it a pink toilet plunger or Pepto Bismol or ?

Damn you colour pink! Why is this so? Is there a pink gene also in redheads? Are little girls taught to like pink? And, is it stronger than say, the shopping gene?

Three year old Clover is still in awe at this new found freedom. She appears to be content in the school supply aisle but, the (4) year old Alice, who is nearsighted is constantly scanning around for, you guessed it, more pink.

We finally escape the school supply aisle and run towards the very corner of the store and they find it- Nirvana! More pink stuff! And all for less than .99 cents. Me thinks.

The little one now appears stressed out as she stares down the seemingly endless wall of, to us, worthless junk toys but, at her eye level – more Nirvana!

Was I worried about getting my money’s worth, buying age appropriate toys, “repeat toy”, a toy that would last, eeehr, you bet, I was, grand Patti!

At this point of our shopping (experimental- kid shopping trip) each girls basket is half full or empty; you decide, whichever way you choose to describe this pink feeder frenzy.

The (3) year old seems to struggle with the load and now all the other .99 cent store seasoned shopping veterans start to take notice.

Some nod to me approvingly. Others start to wonder about the apparent freedom that these two munchkins are now enjoying. I see women start conversations between themselves, possibly about grandma- as in , where could she be, to reign in these three.

“My basket is heavy Sister” “Sister do you want one of these pretty “pink” necklaces?”

“Pappa Ralphy – that’s what they choose to call me – and I don’t mind- where’s the candy?”

“I want chocolate” “I want Pink”. “I need to go potty”

Oh, oh! We’re done here, Pink experiment considered successful!

Not to fear, the final tally is only $35.10 at a .99 cent store in our year of 2013, in US dollars. Who knew! Will these store’s follow them into their future, I wonder? And what would the same amount purchase in say ten years- 2023?