On Old Friends

We met Dick and Nancy in 1994, while living a-board our sailboat in Marina del Rey. A year later they take off to go cruising, down the pacific, through the Panama Canal, before settling in, and buying a waterfront home in Punta Gorda, Florida. As recently as 2020, we received our Christmas card and a family and friends letter from them, updating everyone on everything from health, home, boat status, and that interspecies family member- the dog!

Our 1950s era American family has changed quite considerably. Yet, in many ways, I see that as a good thing. For one, the older generation are now doing more things with the younger. Son and dad, mom and daughters can be seen hiking long distances, like the Camino de Santiago, motorcycle touring, or even still boating, like our friends Dick and Nancy.

So welcome to the 21st century I say, where we have a deeper relationship, with our animals. Our chocolate lab now gets daily insulin shots, just like humans do. And Lucy also sleeps on a bed, that is way more comfortable than any Army bunk, I ever slept on. So enough about our dog.

What’s next? Closer relationships with our phones, tablets and laptops?

Here’s to friends in 2021, near, far, or now even virtual!

Stay well, stay safe, and keep those updates coming.

Trawlercat 1/1//2021