The Story Teller/Explore

“And In the end, we’ll all become stories.”

– Margaret Atwood

If you own a decade or more of digitized photography memories then maybe it’s time to review the last decade. And while reviewing those digitized memories Pause once in a while to stop and experience deep down, the brevity of your own life.

Moments earlier, I created a 100 photo Christmas memory book. A future present. My own way of saying farewell to this decade (2010-2020) that closes out with a COVID-19 year, with today being the first mass vaccine dosage immunization in the USA.

If you are of the mind to think that your life is all ‘ucked up; then it probably is; and if you are one to think it isn’t, then I’m not the one to tell you any different.

We create our own reality! Think about it for a second longer. What is the perfect anything of life? Is it not what we create for ourselves?

And in looking over a decade of my digitized photos I found that family, travel, hiking and riding jet ski race boats with friends brought me the most release and joy in my life.

And since my glass is always half full; I’ll also add that the best 2020s memories are now riding my new motorcycle with friends.

What is your most joy?

We humans have the same senses as our furry companions do, sight, hearing and smelling. Humans communicate first by hearing, then by seeing and then by smelling.

Dogs do it by smelling, seeing and then by hearing.

When I look at a picture I took ten years ago I would like to relive that experience. When I read words others wrote about an awesome adventure I also want to live that adventure.

In the next decade only time will tell what makes for a great decade in life. Perhaps it’s more of the same.

Nothing makes one a great motorcycle pilot better than just riding a motorcycle.

At one time I was addicted to boats and now it looks like it’s back to motorcycles.

And certain people are better at making sense out of the perceived chaos of life than others.

“The problem is, you think you have time.”


At the start of this decade (2010) this was my passion. What was yours?