#47 of #52 Taco Challenge/Whitewater/Yucca Valley Ride

This morning at 0900 a.m. I rode my 2020 BMW GSA 1250 to the Riverside BMW dealership to pick up a free t-shirt and ride shop riding book from Dan Shoo, the owner. The Route Book is their first published. It includes some of their favorite local rides that you can now also find on their website at bmwmor.com

And after wishing the staff a happy thanksgiving I rode eastbound on the California highway 60 freeway towards Palm Springs. I exited near the outlet malls and the Morongo casino to explore the areas Windmills. I was going to give myself a self riding tour first, making sure I built up an appetite before riding to the Windmill Taco market for a date shake and tacos. This location was to be number 47 of my 52 self appointed Taco Challenge Rides. What gave me an idea to do this is my wife Patti. Earlier in the year she joined a 52 Hike Challenge to keep her motivated in her hiking world.

Today I stopped and parked on a bridge to overlook the beautiful cold and crystal clear mountain water roaring below. This area is known for extreme flash flooding so, this is not a spot to be on during a rain storm near or far. The area can also be very windy in the afternoon.

A riders nemesis sandy roads

I thought of my friend Kevin when I first reached this sandy road. I now needed pictures to prove I was here. It took a rock under my kickstand to keep from sinking. Kevin rides a BMW GSA similar to mine but, with about an 80/20 knobby thread pattern tires but, at present he lacks the confidence for off road riding. We shall see if one day he or you reading this story make it to this very spot.

A Palm Springs windmill tour is way different than your average celebrity homes or San Andreas Fault tour. They can also be had near here.

This windmill self-driving tour allows you to explore the evolution of wind turbines from the comfort of your own vehicle. From a distance I safely observed the guys assembling one similar to me like building LEGOs.

Building a windmill

Today is Taco Tuesday – After my windmill tour I next headed for the Whitewater preserve. Also nearby. An elderly African American Park Ranger woman stopped me on the road in. She informs me that on account of Covid the preserve is now closed.

She next wanted to know what I was doing. “I said to her I’m on a Sunday ride.” She waved me on, no doubt thinking, this fool doesn’t even know what day of the week it is.

The Windmill Tacos Market did not disappoint. I refer to their tacos as the best gringo tacos this side of the border and Taco Bell. At $2.59 each they are a bargain. The date shakes come in three sizes, midsize is around $5.25.

Did you know that Taco Bell has 5700 fast food taco places; and that they are most known for inexpensive food among cash-strapped teens and late-night party people. If they only knew how many $1.00 taco places we’ve already run across on our tacos Tuesday challenge.

From desert hot springs I knew I didn’t want to go home the same way I arrived via the freeways. So, I rode towards the city Joshua tree and the Morongo valley. I set my gps to one showing no freeways riding and the other on the quickest way home.

Highway 62 to highway 247 took me to Johnson valley, Apple Valley, and subsequently Victorville where I jumped back on highway 15 southbound towards Los Angeles. I stopped at a couple of places to take a few pictures and to warm myself back up.

Another taco Tuesday ride in the books. Only 46 more to go.