Secrets of Life/Watts Towers

Do you remember as a child; complete strangers coming up to you and asking, “so, what do you want to do when you grow up”?

People create. It’s who we are.

Have a focus. An idea. A dream.

Nature makes you think. Spend time in nature. Sit, look and listen.

Do you think anyone ever really knows?

Maybe it’s the life changing experiences that change you.

Have a good laugh. Maybe Laughter is the secret.

Reconnect with the environment that created you.

Be in Nature. Enjoy Being in a garden.

Get dirty. Play with mechanical things.

The rhythms of nature sort of has a way to balance you.

The secret of life? Is it to be content?

Losing someone. Grief.

Be the best person you can be. Spread the love.

Live your life to the best of your ability.

Age is no excuse for not living.

Enjoy every day as it comes. Do whatever it is that you haven’t yet done.

Enough said.

Nirvana- the end of suffering.


On the
Costa Rica Camino


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