The Date Shack/Newport Beach, California

If you are now left wondering what the heck is a date shake well, I’ll now try and explain. Dates sound a little strange, but, are actually quite good in milk shakes as they provide various antioxidants that have a number of health benefits, including a reduced risk of several diseases.

And with the ocean waves lapping below, from my vantage point, it makes for an even better tasting experience.

Dates are blended with ice cream to produce a rich, creamy milkshake that sort of has a deep vanilla-honey taste. If you can imagine a milkshake version of caramel, the taste is somewhat similar but, not quite as sweet.

This morning I took a ride towards the ocean and ended up at The Date Shake Shack in Newport Beach, California. Earlier I parked and took in the ocean views. The parking beach lot attendant let me ride and park in a state park by the ocean to take a few pictures. Otherwise it’s pay entrance parking. Try doing this in a car and you will be thwarted by traffic.

On the way home I opted to ride in a different direction, so I headed north on Highway 1. Before long I am in Corona del Mar amongst these drop dead gorgeous homes. I didn’t feel like getting off and on the bike to photograph the ones I liked so the best are not necessarily in the two pictures below.

Making the most of a pointy lot

Ocean view blocked