#48 of #52 Taco Challenge/Winter/COVID-19

Surprise! Surprise! Today is another taco Tuesday ride. And just to be “special”, the following story is written in linear form, as much as possible, for the benefit of my wife Patti. My usual style of writing she says drives her crazy. All I say is, it’s sort of a difference between a taco and a marisco.

“Linear stories are logical in telling – what happens from one point in time to the next point – without using flashbacks or flash-forwards and then returning to the present.” If you have not yet figured it out, my stories are generally not linear.

Here is an example: From the story, Grand Canyons Caverns: “The Indians were reluctant about entering the hills, protesting that the wagons could not be taken further.

“At the desert bar. When we arrived all that greeted us was a No Trespassing sign. Strange we thought. Is this place closed for the season. Being the proactive scouts that we are we proceed cautiously. …….Soon a barrage of words from a Moses bearded one accusing us of Trespassing.

In the two paragraphs above I merely showcased a little Americana history, ie Custers last stand vs Paolo and I scouting for our yet to arrive Bike Bro’s motorcycle riders.

For some people this is too much thinking. They just want the facts up front. So, here is my attempt at a taco story in linear form.

Taco Tuesday story in linear form.

On a gritty, traffic-choked stretch of Pomona Road in California tucked just behind a lonely-looking parking lot next door to a Hobby fish and Aquarium Supply store, you’ll find a mom-and-pop Mexican restaurant named, Mariscos Jalisco. The marisco word on the sign is graffitied out.

Jalisco in case you don’t know is one of the most famous states in all of Mexico and Guadalajara is its capital. On my ride to Mariscos Jalisco today, I did not experience any wild police chase encounters like on our last ride to Pomona for tacos. I did however, witness a male and female Sheriff escorting a woman in handcuffs. Most of the street people observed are also graciously observed wearing their covid masks without question.

It’s now just over 4:00 p.m. and my Bike Bro’s have yet to arrive. At 4:28 Kevin suddenly arrives. Tio Tacos de Camaron was already consumed by me. Don’t know who he is but, Jonathan Gold, of the LA Times is a food critic that voted this place number one of 101 restaurants in Los Angeles. More than likely he probably visited one of the other four locations in Los Angeles. I now hear from the cashier that this store is the first one started.

What a crazy state we live in. Today for lunch I stop at a Chinese donut shop; that sells the best Vietnamese sandwiches, possibly on account of their home style baked bread. I loaded my sandwich on my motorcycles top case and banana strawberry boba shake. (I know, I know, I now regressed)

Jalisco Mariscos is so good they now own five stores. This is their first. And our first stop for the evening. And now that we’ve got this linear story going I won’t go back in time telling you how I got here.

Another two Bike Bro’s (JC and Tiny) showed up on time for our continuing taco Tuesday challenge. Our second location is Teresa’s Mexican Grill in El Monte.

And then I could move the story on to the new faces that arrived. One guy claimed he was a “real” life Hell’s Angel. The other guy said he was also on the run from the cops.

This same guy said he regularly bit the head off chickens, an easy claim to make since there were no live chickens present.

Why are you on the run I asked? Did I now make the story interesting enough?

So, what really happened? Just some good friendly conversation with friends. Good food. Definitely for me the atmosphere has allot to do with how much I enjoy my food. In another location, possibly with a margarita in hand I would rave about this marisco food today.

Happy 50th birthday Kevin. Thank you for getting us out today.

I think that the current Covid 19 stress is building up for most people- only not for motorcycle riders. This is our therapy.

Sometimes it takes a whole tankful of fuel before one can think straight.” — Anonymous

“You do not need a therapist if you own a motorcycle, any kind of motorcycle!” — Dan Aykroyd

On a motorcycle, I feel this incredible sense of freedom that I haven’t found anywhere else. Riding is a kind of therapy that is as important as any other.