V1.0 – San Pedro fog/Corona Virus/Our Future

In the cruising world we have a cruisers channel to turn to every Sunday morning. In my motorcycle world today I sort of have the same- it’s called WhatsApp. My Sunday morning started off with a light bantering on WhatsApp. Sort of like a way to kick off a Sunday morning with coffee. And then a ride invite to somewhere.

And then I thought, more people communicate this way today – without speaking words; what will it be like in a generation or two? Will they in turn communicate with their younger generation – will speed of writing words vs speech rule the day?

And will one day mind thought transfer be made possible? Like in Star Trek. I’ll bet the use of petroglyphs as communication may also make a comeback. Imagine, instead of letters one merely communicates by using pictures. In a morse code sort of way; taking way more brain power to master, where you practically need some college to learn. And soon I realize Im not too far off base.

  1. 143 – I love you
  2. 2DAY – Today
  3. 4EAE Forever and ever
  4. ADN Any day now
  5. AFAIK – As far as I know
  6. AFK – Away from keyboard
  7. ASL Age/sex/location
  8. ATM – At the moment
  9. BFN Bye for now
  10. BOL – Be on later
  11. BRB – Be right back
  12. BTW – By the way
  13. CTN Can’t talk now
  14. DWBH Don’t worry, be happy
  15. F2F or FTF – Face to face
  16. FWB Friends with benefits
  17. FYEO – For your eyes only
  18. GAL – Get a life
  19. GB – Goodbye
  20. GLHF – Good luck, have fun
  21. GTG Got to go
  22. GYPO Get your pants off
  23. HAK – Hugs and kisses
  24. HAND Have a nice day
  25. HTH Hope this helps / Happy to help

And next we moved on to real world matters like Covid. A friends wife woke up feeling a little sick. To ride or not to ride he asked? Later we learned it was a sore throat. Ouch! The hypochondriac in me soon came out.

Covid Chicken light- if lit stay away. You might have Covid-19.

I’ve been scared on more than one occasion thinking Patti my wife has the covid. Every time she coughs, sneezes or acts cranky. And she in turn thinks it’s me with the dreaded covid – even though I don’t show any symptoms. There are some provisos, however. “In a time of plague, if you cough and think you have it, that’s not being a hypochondriac; that’s real fear, and there are plenty of reasons to be afraid.”

All this riding in our helmet bubble and all it takes is just one deadly virus lurking about waiting to get inhaled. Today I tried not breathing when others walked past me and almost passed out; as if their aura can infect me. I’m now scared of my riding friends or their families who can infect them or even my son who is a Doctor- who possibly comes across similar viruses every day.

Oh well I say, At least I dodged anthrax and don’t forget Eboli and swine flu, malaria in Thailand, IEDs in Bosnia and a few other nasties in my day.

One really can work oneself into a frenzy of panic and terror…. I have gone to the doctor because my hands were once tingling after a two week long back country riding trip through Colorado …imagine that……and I can tell you, a lot of times whatever you’re experiencing is going to pass.”

But in times like these, that deadly virus could be lurking and it’s a whole lot harder to find that calm. Maybe that’s why Patti hasn’t said a word about my riding motorcycles on LA freeways. It’s a whole lot safer than going to Sprouts or Stater Brothers she says. Really Dear!

My mom used to cure us as kids and come to think of it adults too, with Vicks. You know Vicks Vapor rub. My mom used to call it “El Bix.” For mom this was the big guns, and if she were alive today Covid wouldn’t stand a chance.

But this time it seems more real – because everybody is talking about it, all of the time. Hurry up with that Vicks vaccine.

So which are you?

1. The above sounds like me.

2. This is real shit man but, don’t worry about it.

3. Or, get over it’? Vaccines coming.

Well, then you’re most probably right.