Motorcycle Scavenger Hunt/Road/Food Smells/FOMO

Living a fulfilling and enjoyable life is something we all strive for, don’t we? Obviously, we all have different definitions of what that is.

Like today in our scavenger/rally hunt whereby each of us takes our own path and eventually we alone discover our own definitions of what is fulfilment and what is enjoyment.

I thought this would be loads of fun and it was.

So, this morning at 0800 three of us from entirely different counties; Steve, aka JC , David and I arrive to start our BMW Rally hunt.

Each also arrives at a different Chevron station, vicinity of the 15 freeway and the 60 freeway. That’s what Kevin told us – meet at the Chevron vicinity of the 15/60 freeway. And so we did.

Since an address was not provided each of us just assumed we were at the correct Chevron. Who knew there would be a Chevron on three of four corners. And to top it all off Kevin fails to show on account of rain/fog.

Each of us from our prospective Chevron corner promptly messages back a picture and reply saying we’re here and it’s not raining.

And so began our initiation into our first BMW rally with three riders. Our goal is to find forty locations in less than eight hours.

For example we are provided with the following: find a 40 mph speed limit sign. Any sign as long as it’s photographable with the motorcycle, your face without a helmet on and a sign declaring your rally name and number.

Eastvale Fire Department

For some images like a fire department an extra two points are awarded if we include a fireman in the picture.

And so we continue knocking down our finds like a horse and rider in Norco. A single lane bridge, a castle, a location of a movie shoot and building in Riverside.

The Riverside Mission Inn is where we learned of the movies made there like for example Richard Nixon movie. We also learned from their museums curator that Raquel Welsh also made a film and the type of scenes needed to be included.

Everywhere we travelled in account of the fresh rain the roads smells were intensified. I smelled food in every small town we passed, I also wanted to stop each time, but the strong winds and rain heading our way made it seem like a bad idea.

And then we are ready to leave the Mission Inn and look who shows up. Kevin.

In Alexanders clock store, closed on Sunday is a coo-coo clock, the only problem is the glass glare is so strong it us nearly impossible to photograph the rider, clock and sign together.

So we figured out that if we pull off our jackets and drape them over the rider we can get our picture. Team work works. So we opted to stay together.

And so we continue cooperating until everyone just can’t wait any longer. We’re hungry.

We follow Kevin to a real authentic hole in the wall $2 taco spot in Colton. Kevin bought us all tacos for his earlier transgressions.

And then the skies opened up. It seems that every where today Kevin goes the rain follows. This guy is like a divining rod – you know, like dowsing. In the olden days, way before my time, farmers employed people like Kevin in an attempt to locate ground water.

Find a sister city sign. And so we did.

And so the rain today won out. Oh well we said, some people walk in the rain, others just get all wet.

Till next time Bike Bros.