Personal Watercraft/San Felipe 1,000/Baja Challenge Rider History – PART 1

Here’s a little story that bears none or perhaps just a slight resemblance, to how the Brady Bunch first met up and became a family.

Of manly motorcycle riding guys
Who were after riding the Sea of Cortez but,
Not on motorcycles this time; but, on waverunners

All of them once had hair (me) while (GpsKevin) had long curly hair and (Roberto) had wavy and (Chris) a Mohican and (Joey) had heavy hair and (Jeffrey’s)
Like his mother
The youngest one in curls

It’s the story
Of these manly guys who rode motorcycles
Who were now recently back from a Mextico Mexican ride

When Roberto and Gpskevin said

Why not ride again Baja, not on land but, on Sea

They started out as four riders but,

Soon became ten
Living far apart, they held weekly WhatsUp talks

Yoda Ralph was soon chosen, as the knower of all in the watercraft waterworld to become like the Mariner (Kevin Costner) for his webbed feet and story telling abilities

‘Til the one day when land meets Sea
And they knew that it was much, much more than a hunch

That this group must somehow form a family

That’s the way we all became the Gpskevin and Yoda Roberto Baja Watercraft Riders

Soon all the sinister Smokers will come calling and also start pursuing them; in their belief that (only) they now hold the key to a future fun and exciting 1,000 mile Baja jetski, pwc, waverunner adventure; the likes that this world has never seen, in the mythical Baja Sea of Cortez land from San Felipe to Cabo.

And so that my friends is somehow how I now see it all unfolding. Welcome to Part I of our story; our latest discussions are now focused not on the when (April 2023/4) but, on the how and what watercraft to purchase for this well earned feat that if accomplished will put you right up there with even higher than those that have now climbed Mt. Everest.

Yes truly, you read that right my friend, more people have climbed Mt Everest than have ever experienced the Sea of Cortez, from the waters of San Felipe all the way to Cabo!

We all started out agreeing on the same make/model but, somehow my history and baggage as Trawlercat in my former watercraft world has a way of inserting itself in and out of the picture. Besides, I now say, a little drama thrown in sideways, at times always makes for a better written story.

“I don’t want to muddle the waters anymore I say but, before we start our conference call, this guy did a good review that he wasn’t paid to do here’s some screenshots of what he said;

and then Joey and I (mind melted) him in Tucson and I in Riverside, also known as the mind link, mind probe, mind fusion, mind touch, or simply a meld, we did this telepathic link between the two of us whereby the young Jeffrey in New Zealand had no clue as to what was now happening with his hard work and spreadsheets of facts and knowledge about the Yamaha FX HO vs KAWASAKI ULTRA LX.

Batopilas Here We Come

It allowed for an intimate exchange of thoughts, thus in essence enabling us to become one mind, sharing consciousness in a kind of gestalt; we continued to think more and more about the values and benefits of a well made supercharger………..and then Yoda Roberto and Gpskevin probably saw it as all going downhill from here; we’ve lost him to the undertow probably now said Yoda Jane.

“If everything seems under control, we are not going fast enough” ~ Author unknown

“Speed defines everything “ – another random Author Unknown quote .

Long Beach to San Diego and back PWC ride

The name “San Felipe 1,000” soon became a household word throughout the watercraft world. Thousands upon thousands of new personal watercraft riders now started heading West.

If they now survived Covid-19 and the supply line shortages of purchasing a new watercraft, and at the MSRP, they would one day see the Sea of Cortez, the land and sea that Jacques Cousteau one day referred to as the aquarium of the world.

Copper Canyon and Home Motorcycle Ride

That my friends is the story thus far as I see things start to unfold. So in closing Part I – I want to now leave you with a great quote by a great motorcycle rider who is light years ahead for his wisdom and ride planning who goes by the moniker of Yoda GPSkevin.

“Every day you say no to a ride that is one less ride in life”. – Gpskevin

Trawlercat 2/12/2022