Whale Watching/Laguna San Ignacio/Feb 9, 2017

My friend J.Wick and I met up in Ensenada for a little whale watching adventure trip in February 2017. Unplanned and no reservations made we set off as the two amigos in search of great Mexican food, drink and whale watching. Laguna San Ignacio is roughly 500 miles from Ensenada and was our immediate goal in sight. Once we reached the town of San Ignacio we headed to the Kuyimita Nations Tour Operators and bought a whale watching tour for $100/each.

This is about a three year old whale.

We next rode down a dirt road towards the lagoon and off grid camp site. Only getting lost twice. I stopped at a local village that redirected us to the actual tour area. For $20 that evening we paid for a delicious steak and lobster meal; an extra $10 for camping and an extra $10 for a hearty breakfast.

At around 10:00 am the next morning our names were called and three of us boarded a panga. Not even twenty minutes later we saw whales, the engine was shut off and we waited. The curious young whale made its way over from mama whale. We literally tired of the whale before it tired of us. We repeated the same scenario three times.

Our camp site by the lagoon. Heard whales all night.

Awesome experience worth repeating. Next we drove down Baja way to La Paz stopping along the way at various sites before arriving on my boat in La Paz. From my boat dock another $100 each/different panga/different day we headed of to swim with the whale sharks. Another awesome experience. Still searching for the pictures. Found’em.

Whale Sharks LaPaz bay
Swimming with Whale Sharks

Hoping to repeat this experience in Covid December 2020 and make new memories with my Bike Bro’s.