Arctic Jeep Expedition- Day 3

July 2, 2011

Subject: My Day 3 – Arctic Jeep Expedition

Today I had a guy ask me where my RV was. I said I’m not towing her; I’m driving her to Alaska and so are four other guys that I’ll soon be meeting up with.

Don’t forget we all use trail names so (John) HalfFastJohn and his cousin Tommy (no trail name yet) finally arrived at the Best Western in Dillon, Montana.

Unlike my jeep John’s jeep is equipped for comfort replete with one large capacity refrigerator. My refrigeration needs so far are only served via an ice bag cooler riding on the passenger side floor. That’s me again low tech – but functional.

So far, no obsessions like where’s the next gas station? My Road Mate Magellan makes that pretty much fool proof.
Earlier I fished out of the North Fork Flathead River four Alaskan Amber Alt ale’s. I’m having my second one right after a beef stroganoff with noodles meal. Dessert was one rice krispies treat.

The Big Agnes tent is set up about twenty feet from the river’s edge where I earlier placed the beers to cool them. This way of cooking and camping is incredibly easy and so is the clean up. Rinse out the MSR cooking pot and one folding spoon; fold up the whisperlight stove into its canister and once the pot is clean place everything inside. Store the Mountain house beef stroganoff freeze dried meal bag and empty amber beer bottles into the beer food storage box and I am done.

It’s a little windy now for a fire but at least it keeps the mosquitoes at bay for a little while longer.

Tomorrow morning I hit the “going to the sun road” which I am told is considered to be one of the world’s most spectacular highways. This road bisects the heart of Glacier and follows the shores of the parks two largest lakes as it hugs the cliffs below the Continental Divide as it traverses Logan Pass.

I am now within 25 miles of the Canadian border. Sunburst seems to be the closes town I see on the US side of the border with Lethbridge being the Canadian equivalent. No wifi or cell coverage from within this remote camp spot.

I am now staying (July 3rd) at the Glacier Campground just outside of the west side of Glacier. This is a really great camp site spot. Mike whom I haven’t yet met made the reservations for two camp sites and I’m the first to arrive. Unfortunately for Mike the rear end on his jeep Cherokee is or was going out so he made his way back to Missoula for repairs. The trip to Alaska hasn’t actually started yet can you count’em – two separate jeep mechanical problems so far.

In a few hours John and his cousin Tommy should arrive.

UPDATE: Two Jeeps so far have had issues. Kevin’s Cherokee rear axle issues and he’s gone back to Missoula to get it fixed; not a good thing on a 4th of July weekend.

Mike and Ken had to get their Cherokee towed as they had a stuck thermostat that took out the radiator. Mike and Ken are here now and just set up their Coleman Instant tent.

Here is to the people of Montana that I’ve met so far. They seem to be some of the nicest friendliest group of people yet. Utah gets the cleanest yards award.

See you on the trail.