Alaska & Arctic Jeep/Motorcycle Expedition

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Arctic Jeep Expedition – My Day 8 & Everyones Zero Day

Today is our expeditions day zero as this is the first day when all of us finally come together – at Jasper, Canada from all points throughout the USA. I almost forgot – all but one. Kevin is still waiting on a custom built rear axle for his Cherokee somewhere in Missoula. First mechanical of the trip and we haven’t yet started. Sounds expensive.

Speaking of expensive yesterday was $$$ for me so far – the cost of the hotel, (shared $241) dinner meal ($44 Italian but worth every penny of it) and glacier tour ($50.00 also worth it as when is it that you can actually stand on a glacier – cross this one off your bucket list).

Feels like I’m on a cruise ship doing tours doesn’t it? Canada is expensive, that’s why Canadians comes to the US to shop.

A Canadian I met at the hot springs spa told me that since they (Canadian government) added a 12% tax on cruise ships up in Vancouver the cruise ships retaliataed by moving down to Seattle.

That is why the guide on our Seattle Duck Tours told us that Seattle now has over 200 cruise ships visiting annually.

Dawson City is our final stop today.  

Last night I did some creative figuring to find out my miles per gallon. I turned on my Garmin 76CX handheld GPS once I fueled up and zeroed out the miles traveled info. I then drove till I found the next gas station.

Since I’m in Canada everything is in liters so I pumped in 19.1 liters of fuel for 99.2 miles traveled. Based on my calculations the 19.1 liters equals 5.04 gallons. 99.2 miles traveled divided by 5.04 gallons equals 19.68 miles per gallon on my 2002 Jeep Wrangler that is equipped with 2004 Rubicon axles.

I did an axle swap last year when a guy was upgrading his axles to Dana 60’s; that’s how I ended up with his axles.
The mileage may not be great but the gearing and performance from my engine is perfect for any of these roads.

If you haven’t figured it out yet – jeeps are not made for good mileage. What they do great is off road – unfortunately, one must go with what one has when the adventure strikes.

The 3.956 cc/4 liter in-line 6 front engine’s stock fuel economy STOCK is rated at 19 highway and 16 city and the jeep comes with a 19 gallon main tank. So if I’m getting 19+ mph X a 19 gallon tank I should theoretically have a 360 mile range but to be on the safe side on this Arctic Jeep expedition I am carrying an extra five gallon can mounted on my rear spare.

See you on the trail!