Sunday Date Shake/Pines to Palm Ride

Almost road killed a German Shepard as I travelled east bound on the 60 freeway this morning, two exits before Riverside Main Street, as the freeway slightly curves right, the rising sun just so creating a little road glare, suddenly, a yellow dog trotting close enough to the the cement barrier but, clear enough for me to see a tongue wagging.

Have you ever tried a date shake? Most people in L.A. would say no. And so my ride partner and I headed to the Coachella Valley. From the 60 freeway Kevin and I rode towards the 74 highway also known as the Pines to Palms Highway. A nice long twisties road that leads one through some must stop towns like Idyllwild.

Another 40 miles southeast of Indio, you’ll find the 40-foot knight ushering tourists into Shields Date Gardens. Built in 1924. You can sip your date shake amongst the many glistening fountains and biblical statues. Shields has been peddling dates and date-centric snacks since the 1920s and ’30s, respectively. They reportedly sell hundreds of thousands of date shakes per year. Excellent food breakfast or lunch. Highly recommended.

Once you reach Highway 111 you are now in the Palm Springs area and back to stop lights. As you continue your drive the manicured gated communities entrance ways attract your attention.

One thought on “Sunday Date Shake/Pines to Palm Ride

  1. Great write up as always Ralph.

    The Portobello and Shields Signature were delicious as advertised!

    Their Date Shake is delish but needs to be shared since that is way too much sugar goodness for one person!


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