Another Baja Day and Charlie Brown Christmas

“In the Mexican culture, we never miss a baptism, a birthday, a baby shower, a wedding shower, a wedding. You must show up. Otherwise, you’ll be in big trouble.”  Eva Longoria

And today, I’ll add to the list above, a funeral.  As I patiently sat on a park bench, across the street from the Catedral de La Paz, waiting for the 4:30 p.m. shuttle ride back to the marina; suddenly out of no where, I suddenly see what appears to me to be a rather large ornate box, nonchalantly carried by four men.

Quickly without much fan-fare a black SUV resembling a hearst drives up, stops and the four guys slide the box right in and no one seems to pay much notice, nor do moon lighting motorcycle cops screw up the traffic for the rest.   Although, a few people walking by do do the sign of the cross and quickly kiss their fingers, fist or hand.

Right near our well worn park bench, two guys, hard at work keep shining on shoes.  A girl, possibly sixteen is also on my park bench with boyfriend to one side and father on the other side.  I think to myself, this is one long ungraffitied bench.  The girl is non stop girl-gossiping; about the weather, her crazy girlfriends, dessert she wants to enjoy.  She is just living life.  I think – wow, there is literally a circus all around me – in a good sort of way!

A well dressed heavier than most normal Mexican woman appears from my right carrying a large department store shopping bag and asks if I want (x&*$@) and without a pause in thought, I rapidly reply, “no gracias” and she moves on.  I never did stop to find out what food, animal or mineral item(s) she was hawking.

The sounds from the Christmas carnival meets flea market bazaar, meets Floridian pulgero all around don’t seem to do much damage at the way I’m now describing my long term memory navidad scene.

One moment the talking girl, without a pause makes eye contact with the boyfriend, quickly eye contact back to father, then back again.  Always maintaining herself as the center of attention.  These two guys played it Mexican cool, appearing expressionless. Could these two have actually paid any attention?  I bet not.  They’re men aren’t they?  Who knows, neither could get a word in if they wanted to.

Finally, she pulls his hat off and laughingly mocks his new haircut. They all now have a laugh at his expense.  Then they leave.  And maybe, just maybe, these two have already used up their daily guy word quota.

A life, a death, a circus. Remember the Christmas specials with Charlie Brown.  Sort of like that except in a Spanish sort of way and hot!  79 degrees at 5 p.m. today.  Snoopy suddenly hears some music.  He follows it to a circus and finds three dog poodles.  The white poodle catches his attention and before you could say “bitch in heat” long, Snoopy is part of the circus.  And, not just any circus, but the one that Charlie Brown will miraculously show up to see.  His dog Snoopy is now part of a performing poodle and beagle dog act.

Charlie Brown protests, “that’s my dog” and I want all his earnings or something like that.  Back home Lucy boards up the beagles home and declares it condemned!  Charlie Brown confides in Linus and tells him that Snoopy was a present from his parents, as a result of child bullying; some kids dumped a bucket of sand on his head and he was traumatized for life.

If you’ve ever been to La Paz you would know where the Catedral de La Paz is because it’s item number three on the places to visit.  And, any tourist worth their weight in salt, would always pick up a map when travelling in a new city, like the that everyone carries their first few times.  Speaking of sweat, right now on December 19th, 2015, at 5:19 p.m. it is 79 degrees.

I just got in from town on the marina shuttle lugging two gallons of distilled water from the Cow Supermarket.  We, (gringos) tend to call it thus, because there is a large cow on the top of the building, but, I am sure it has an appropriate supermarket name.  And I like bacon and I like giant shrimp but, bacon wrapped shrimp, stuffed with cheese just didn’t cut it for me today.  Hasta Luego!

The End