Atlanta, Idaho, MotoCamping, Hot Springs, Day 2

Today was supposed to be a great riding day on account of an out and back detour to a local hot springs in the town of Atlanta Idaho. Most people have never heard of an Atlanta Idaho let along a BDR. BDR stands for Back Country Discovering.

The Idaho BDR is a 1,250-mile self-guided tour ( you can do it on a 4×4 also) through the stunning landscapes of Idaho. … The route runs south-to-north across the state of Idaho and covers more than 1,250 miles of mostly off-road tracks.

BACKGROUND: Atlanta Idaho was founded in 1864 during the Civil War as a gold and silver mining community and named by Southerners after a rumored Confederate victory over General Sherman in the Battle of Atlanta, which turned to be wholly false, but the name on this town stuck.

Mining activity near Atlanta preceded its establishment as a mining community. The John Stanley party discovered gold on the nearby Yuba River on July 20, 1864, just two days prior to the battle back in Georgia.

Atlanta is at an elevation of 5,383 feet (1,641 m) above sea level, surrounded by the Boise National Forest; it is near the headwaters of the Middle Fork of the Boise River, approximately two miles (3 km) east of the mouth of the Yuba River. The Sawtooth Mountains are directly north, the Sawtooth Wilderness starts about a mile (1.6 km) north of Atlanta, at the base of Greylock Mountain, which summits at 9,363 feet (2,854 m).

THE STORY: Facebook post read; Day 2 – Two hot springs soaks in a day. One totally out in the boonies. Got there before the frigid downpour, butt naked with the place all to myself. I like me.

Rode out by myself this morning with hot springs on my mind. Totally made the trip worth it.

Bill opened up his saloon and cooked me breakfast after the soak. Took advantage and dried my stuff. Also got soaked on the road where I found three of my fellow riders.

The rest of the story is that the weather must’ve scared my other riders who promised to meet at the saloon for lunch. Since I arrived early for a hot soak I got the scoop on the town and promised Bill a few more tourism bucks on account of my soon to arrive hungry riders.

Bill shared with me the locals hot springs location and just as I arrived rain and hail started pouring on me. Using my jacket and helmet to shield my clothes I stripped down butt naked and jumped right in. One controls how hot by a gate valve added by a town local. Soon I was warm and toasty and now quite hungry and my clothes were somewhat wet.

Not a problem. In no time flat. Bill started a warm fire to allow me too dry my clothes while he cooked me a country breakfast.

Well worth the ride.