Average Retiree Day of Pain, Chores and Corvette

About a week ago my Dentist drilled two holes in my upper right jaw, stitched me back up and sent me home to a week of pain. Today the stitches are out and months from now two dental implant molars get screwed into the unthreaded hole.

An unthreaded hole is also known as a clear hole. And if I would’ve used dental or machinists terms then possibly only a small percentage would’ve really begun to understand. What a great technology world we now live in and mostly take for granted.

Or do we?

This morning I drove a 20 year old fiberglass sports car that left the showroom putting out 385 horsepower with a top speed of 150 mph. Were those rich dudes who bought these cars back then having near as much fun driving in 2001?

Five years ago my Dentist said that to add bone like he just did to my jaw was an unknown procedure.

The first thing I thought of when leaving the Dentist office was food. Not just food but, a milkshake and one made from dates. A seventy mile trip out to Palm Springs where the windmills blow and produce energy and the weather this morning was again expected to break records.

One taco was enough but, I had two.

And now to enjoy and describe a perfect Taco. Start with the Tortilla. 50% of any taco will always be a tortilla. Therefore, tortillas should be just as enjoyable as everything on top of it, and not just a vehicle for stuff.

Handmade tortillas are always the best. For starters, handmade tortillas will most likely be made from a nixtamal base, meaning that the masa used to make it will be freshly processed with lime and water that same day, the same way it was done in the early 1500s.

Again, imagine that eating food created over 500 years ago and truly enjoying it.

Most, if not all machine made tortillas in Los Angeles are made with rehydrated corn flour that have metallic tasting additives and preservatives added to them to extend shelf life.

Sure, you can drench it in oil or meat drippings and make it pleasurable to eat, but sooner or later, as your taco palate develops, you’ll eventually learn to prefer handmade tortillas.

Top voted date shake place- let me know if you know one better.

One thing about Covid 19 California roads is that they are again approaching the right amount of cars and trucks on them.

Fires to the North and evacuations

And were it not for the news one would not know that the California redwoods are on fire.

Mariposa Grove

“Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth.” — Anonymous