My Last Grandchild – Violet

Today you were born and your parents named you Violet. Let me welcome you to the world Violet. First, the gloom and doom parts.

By the time you graduate high school or possibly read this in blog, digitized by some yet unknown human achievement, telepathically, letter or book form I won’t be alive.

Not to worry, according to one source; over 100.8 billion people have died since man started walking the earth.

And as of today August 7, 2020, we are still in a full blown world Covid 19 pandemic that has claimed the lives of over 700,000 with no vaccine yet available to the masses.

I’m now left wondering how the Covid 19 drug companies will advertise their product? Considering that since the start of the year on every television show commercials constantly bombard the American public with over 70 prescription medications aired almost half a million times. Why?

And as of today Patti and I do not take any prescription medications.

While I was in school I don’t remember any Violet named girls however, a popular cartoon by the name of Charlie Brown featured a girl named Violet Gray whose friends were Lucy (name of our current dog a chocolate lab) and Patty (name of my current wife); and if you want to learn a little family secret?

Your dad had a German Shepard dog named Max when he was born and I think that’s the reason they named your older brother Max – my story so I’m sticking to my version as I now see it.

So it begs the question, where did all of the consciousness or spirits go? Is my death a final chapter or merely a transition? My one wish for you is in your lifetime to walk the Camino de Santiago from France to Finisterre. And if you are anything like your parents who run as exercise, hobby or just for fun, you are in great company.

I walked the Camino in March 2019 in memory of my mother who passed away April 2018 at age 87. Walking the Camino in your life time should provide answers to your questions.

Your name has been in use since the Middle Ages but did not become common until the middle of the 19th century when the use of flower names came into vogue.

And never ever forget that Violet was the first person to not let Charlie Brown kick the football; her fear of him kicking her hands was her motivation whereby Lucy’s motivation was sheer malice.

Welcome to the world.

Your Papa Ralphy