Day 32 – Jeep Expedition, Snoqualmie Falls

Monday, August 1, 2011

My Day 32 – Jeep Expedition – Snoqualmie Falls, WA

This is how we got around the property – visiting a friend whose lives in a castle and is on 60 acres of old Washington state growth forest.

Subject: My Day 32 – Jeep Expedition – Snoqualmie Falls, WA

I rolled my jeep off the Haines, Alaska to Bellingham, WA ferry ending a 10,000+ mile expedition Friday morning and then headed directly to Snoqualmie Falls, WA to spend a couple of days with my friend Tim Brown (AKA: Raptor Whisperer).

Today is Monday, August 1, 2011. I met Tim last year in the town of Snoqualmie Falls, Washington, pulling off the main road with a stronger than normal desire to urinate.

I spot a restroom by the road in a park, quickly jump out of my jeep and almost run to the door; as I pass, a guy guy holding a blind persons-walking cane says to me – “don’t bother it’s locked.” Go pee out back. And so I did.

Tim was one of my Trail Angels when I arrived while thru hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. Tim is incredibly slowly losing his eyesight due to a genetic eye condition that started at a young age.

He always fought it and to a large degree won. He had a full career as a logger, nature restorer turned somewhat environmentalist. Even wrote the first book ever that is currently in use in Canada on nature restoration following a wildfire or clear cut logging operation.

According to Tim his vision is slowly closing in on him sort of like tunnel vision. Tim is known throughout the area and Canada as the Raptor Whisperer man because he is credited with saving countless eagles and other birds of prey; by not only restoring their native habit but, sometimes also placing the animal back in its nest.

Here is a link to one story published:, Wash. —

The American symbol of freedom found itself fighting for its own life on Tuesday.

A bald eagle was grounded along the waters of Pine Lake. A possible mate, perhaps confused, kept watch nearby.

Neighbors rushed to free the frantic bird, which had gotten tangled up in a rope hooked to a dock. The eagle appeared anxious.

That’s when Tim Brown stepped in to work his magic.

Brown, a raptor bird specialist, whistled what he calls “an eagle song,” and apparently the big bird found comfort in that, if not a bit confused by the sounds. Brown ever so gently draped a blanket over the eagle’s head. 

“When you hood a bird or put (something) over their eyes or so forth, they calm right down,” Brown said. “See how the bird is listening to our voices? Calmed down.”

It took a few minutes to unwind the rope that had tightened around one of the eagle’s talons, but the bird let Brown work it out. 

“Hey buddy, sorry you’re all wet there,” Brown said. 

A dead duck was found in the eagle’s grasp, apparently its dinner for the night.

“That grip there — they’re very powerful,” said Brown.

The eagle likely got into trouble bringing its prey ashore. The bird, which appeared to be 6 or 7 years old, was taken to a veterinarian’s office in Bellevue to be checked out, and then transferred to the Sarvey Wildlife Center in Arlington. 

The potential of a broken bone was the biggest concern.

“I’m 99.9 percent sure this bird is OK, but it’s nice to get these things checked out,” said Brown. 

For area residents, seeing Brown work proved to be an amazing opportunity. 

“Absolutely awesome,” said Polly Ek. “He whistled and calmed the bird down. It was like watching Doctor Doolittle; the bird immediately relaxed. He said that the bird knew he was a friend.”

On Wednesday morning, officials at the Sarvey Wildlife Center said the eagle would likely be in rehabilitation there for about a week.

They said the animal has bruising on its leg where the rope was tangled, but otherwise the bird is looking healthy.

STORY CONTINUES: Today I left Tim and drove my jeep to Seattle to visit my Doctor son (Matt) who is currently working at the Swedish Medical Center.

Soon after arriving Matt invites me to eat at a local Ethiopian food spot near his work place. Afterwards we drive down to a nearby lake for a kayak tour of American lake.

That Ethiopian food quickly made its way through me like “clap through a goose.”

Totally cleaning me out faster than you can say colonoscopy.

Imagine you – now sitting in the comforts of a kayak far, far away from the nearest shore with a son, ever so willing to paddle faster and faster; and in the opposite direction of any sort of restroom facilities. That was now me, and when you gotta seriously go; you go.

Now back to the story: The paddling around the lake became a great way to exercise and to see the houseboats like the one that appeared in a recent movie with Tom Hanks, Sleepless in Seattle.

Following the kayak tour and my colonic cleansing we stop at Ivar’s Fish house for happy hour.

Tomorrow we head to Mt. Rainier and the following day I plan on leaving Washington State and head down to Oregon.

See you on the mountain! Trawlercat

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