Circa 2015 – LA Marketplace

Marina Walk Project – Anytime we get an opportunity to step off our boat, explore the surrounding area, and get some walking exercise we do so, no matter how close, and no matter how far.

Today we visited the Grand Central Market in downtown LA. The market opened in 1917 and has been in continuous operation since.

A hundred years ago, Broadway was the principal commercal and entertainment corridor of downtown Los Angeles.

Bunker Hill, to the west, was covered with stately Victorian mansions, and the area’s stylish residents rode down on Angels Flight to shop for groceries in the Market’s open air arcade. Over the years the market reflected the changing populations of downtown.

Today, First Mate Patti and I explored the LA Central Market Place – Ninety minute parking for two bucks. Eight bucks later we have two full bags of fresh fruits and produce to bring back to our boat.

If you know the area like I do, you can quickly skirt around traffic to get there. Don’t arrive anytime after 10:00 a.m. and plan on departing before the full on lunch crowd, rush hour or weekend crowd is in full swing.

If you don’t do so you will be adding to the already congested LA traffic and your great outing may suddenly turn into a disappointment.

Yes, I know I call this a Marina Walk Project, but, transportation to and from the Marina still counts. The market place has been here for something like over 100 years; yet this is only our second visit. First opened in 1917 and in continuous operation ever since.

In the 1920s over ninety plus vendors hocked their wares that included multiple green grocers, fishmongers, Jewish delis, and butchers, as well as dry goods, baked goods, flowers, coffee, cheese, notions.

Today, the area is looking much trendier with a Seattle like feel.


Todays lunch Spanish Paella and Seattle Fish Stew. Worth the drive (to downtown LA) according to the First Mate.

Our Marina Walk project today included the more than four floors of area, sidwalk, area attractions, yet all was done (including lunch) in under 90 minutes. Get in, get ‘er done, Get Out!

Served up fresh from a steam type quick cook pot. The place is called BOMBO. Food is amazingly good, yet fairly quickly prepared.

Each dish above $14.00 Seattle fish stew contains, shrimp curry steamed fish fo the day (today it was yellow tail) mussels, braised beef short rib and more. We also enjoyed a passion fruit, Arnold Palmer drinks.


At Amy’s Secret Garden – LA Marketplace


Always fresh and always cheap!  Way cheaper than any local farmers market we know.


The Marketplace graffiti wall.


Don’t know what a Pupuseria is?  Then you don’t know what you’ve been missing.


 Salvadoran food was my first choice (note above, the Yucas) however, one customer was placing about ten orders so I moved on.  We both went looking for our own restaurants, then to return to a general table seating area; however, we both ended up at Bombo’s on this trip.  No time for dessert.  And no pork cracklins were consumed on this occasion.

And after scouring Baja Fish for new fishing lures and working up an appetite (yesterday) another Marina Walk project; thank you Captain John for the Korean bbq (need I repeat, all you can eat) lunch at 4:00 p.m. Thanks John!