My Life In A Day Movie

If you don’t know. Kevin Macdonald on YouTube ‘Life in a Day’

Film Sequel: ‘We’re Not Trying to Tell the Story of COVID’

In about a month, director Kevin Macdonald will sit down to review around 500 hours of the best video footage submitted by YouTube users from around the world and then make a movie from the contributions — all captured on one day:

Saturday, July 25, 2020.

The film project, “Life in a Day 2020,” comes 10 years after the original YouTube-commissioned documentary, which Macdonald also directed. But amid the global coronavirus pandemic,

Macdonald tells Variety that he doesn’t want to focus specifically on people’s experiences during the crisis.

“I’m hoping it’s not all people in face masks,” he says. “We’re definitely not trying to tell the story of COVID.

We’re just trying to show people’s lives. It’s about what is important in your life today – what’s the emotional story you are telling today.”

So here’s a sample morning for me today to possibly be reviewed again when I’m in my 70’s. Hopefully having cheated death, yet once again.

Woke up to Coffee and Facebook memories. I trailered the bike to Ouray, California to start an adventure with friends across all of Colorado on what they call the Colorado BDR. THANKS GPSKEVIN. Great meeting you Russ and Kip
Of course I shared the Facebook picture with his parents. Don’t you just love jeeps That Jeep brought me a 2001 Speedway white, Z06 corvette. A later trade.
Where I sat enjoying my morning coffee today. Let’s hope the pond project looks better than it does today and we are still enjoying it.
After our morning poop we went on a morning walk for 2.6 miles and 10,490 steps. Then I hung up a new light fixture for Shimmering Patti before changing her Venzas oil. A trip to Autozone for a part they naturally don’t have in stock and then Costco for gas in the new Jeep and purchase of Kirkland oil.
Shared the picture with my Motocamping biker friends who most are ultralight camping deficient.
Made some Amazon purchases.

Two parts ordered on Amazon. Do you think they’ll still be in business in the years 2030??

And all of this was done before 1100 am today on July 24th 2020.