Mt Whitney, Whitney Portal Road and Lone Pine

Whitney Portal Road from the town of Lone Pine is a short but, a spectacular drive that takes you about halfway up to Mount Whitney.

And since its the highest summit in the contiguous United States with an elevation of (14,505ft) above the sea level – people or rather hikers or mountain climbers choose to climb it.

Located within the Eastern side of the Sierra Nevada, a mountain range in the western United States, the road to the summit is paved and well worth a drive.

The road after leaving Long Pine passes through movie history and an area called Alabama Hills, the scene of literally hundreds of cowboys films.

If you are of boomer age and recall watching I LOVE LUCY episodes then you might recall the steep, sharp switchbacks along the Whitney Portal Road as Lucy fills a travel trailer with her rock collection until it’s too heavy to ascend the grade.

STEP 1 – Do an overnight camping trip and camp at the Whitney portal campground

STEP 2 – Do a local hike, climatize, explore the area.

STEP 3 – Revisit San Gorgonio and do local hikes close to home.

STEP 4 – Looking for someone else also committed to training and doing either a full or a half Whitney.

Great advice and blog worth reading if you are at all interested in climbing Mt Whitney.