Day 3 – The Planning – Hot Creek Geological Site

So how does he find the “good marrow“ in all those places he visits?

A hike with a possibility of getting scalded.

First off, you need to know what the word “marrow “ represents. Basically if you look at the word from a bone sense, it’s simply the fatty substance on the inside of a bone.

That’s what I’m after. No need in driving all this way and then once home realize that just a short distance away was say this amazing place, site or area worth further explanation.

Now at this stage you haven’t gone to it but, you can easily look it up and see that not only no but, hell no. Neither one of us is going to be hot springs bathing in these here pools on account of that this naturally heated mountainous creek has created a group of neon blue pools of “potentially deadly boiling water.” But, great opportunity for a story, an adventure, some cool pictures, possibly leading to another adventure nearby.

Hence the marrow. And hence the adventure if in fact one of us does manage to get some external part(s) of our leg bone or ? in the thermonuclear hot not springs water.

Hot Creek – we found it and pictures do not do it justice
Patti Photo
The river downstream