On relationships

Here are five habits of happy couples

1. You do things for each other. You and your spouse trade off things like cooking, taking the kids out, walking the dog, etc. You do things for each other to help lighten each other’s load. You put the electronics away. Eye contact increases your intimacy and makes people feel more bonded.

2. Do you have rituals? If not, get some. Rituals are very important in every aspect of your daily life. When you get up in the morning, you kiss each other, even if both of you don’t yet have good morning breath. Every time you come home or you come back together a little hug is probably a good thing.

3. You complement each other. Complements should out number criticisms by 5 to 1. So, for every criticism that you level at your spouse, you need to now find five compliments that are honest and sincere. Advice. If you aren’t going to complement, then don’t bother criticizing because all you are going to be doing is poisoning the water. And believe me you do not want to poison the relationship waters.

4. You need to show your appreciation for one another consistently.

5. You look at each other and then you smile. Having someone look at you and smile is one of the most fabulous feelings in the world.

The above was given to me sometime around August 2017

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