My Pond or Pondless Waterfall Project

It all started on account of our annual California rains and me; missing my former rainy day living while in Florida and Washington state. If you don’t get it, not to worry, as this only makes perfect sense to people that move to California, the land of perpetual sun.

And so, on one of these California week long rainy days I finally had enough of staying indoors. I don my rain gear gather up my tools and just start digging.

But wait, let’s back up a bit. A while ago I researched ponds and pondless water systems and through some time consuming method ordered a complete system online.

And like anything COVID-19 these days after over a month most of the parts arrived. After a few emails and phone calls thinking the company went out of business I finally learn that the company that formerly made their parts is now making gloves or respirators or masks. Another month goes by.

My rainy day hole has long been dug and has since dried up. And then I magically receive one more of my missing parts – the pump. A few more calls and emails and I’m told the final piece will ship in 15 days after production starts back up again on account that they may have caught up on building respirators, gloves or masks.

But now voila!!!! The sounds of a flowing creek has got to be the most beautiful music in the world. Wildlife will as if by magic add their own voices and sounds. The fragrance in the air will multiply 100 fold. I honestly can’t say enough about this project as I now sit on a beach sand height lawn chair with a cup holder and salty snacks close at hand enjoying the beauty of it all.

Covid 19 – July 2020 picture