Retirement and more Retirement

It’s been almost 10 years now. So what can I say retirement has taught me thus far? And what if anything can I share or relate to others possibly not so content in their retirement years or to those that are close to retirement.

MOST IMPORTANTLY. Don’t go into retirement with a plan A but, also a Plan B and possibly even a plan C. Life does tend to throw curves at you even at retirement and that RV or time share you purchased may not have turned out just the way you intended. “Sometimes you have to really give things and people a really good test ride.

The best way to appreciate the things that are precious and important in life to you is to have them taken away all at once. You may have loved your job so much that you never really ever stopped long enough to consider putting yourself in another state of mind.

The travel options

So, my first recommendations to you are to quit your worrying and just do it. Always in life once we get moving all does get better but, you have to continue to move. Even walking is moving.

And as I like to say it is a whole lot harder to hit a moving target.

Based on my calculations, I can retire at approximately five years after I die. ———Author unknown.


1). You are what you are retired. RETIREMENT LIFE doesn’t automatically change that. If you did fun things and had lots of hobbies before retirement or you drink lots of beer and watch 80 hours of television you’ll probably be doing more of the same after retirement, if you didn’t, oh well.

Now comes the best part only in the good old USA can you continue to reinvent yourself time after time after time. But, you and only you need to personally make an effort to do so.

SCHEDULES. we live by them in our working world so why not take advantage of your skills and incorporate some planning time into your “retirement life “ make a schedule, write it down, get organized, become technically savvy, learn about phone apps and what they can do for you. Learn about Facebook, about meet up groups. The idea here is to continue to learn learn learn. The older you are the less you now know.

Hey I know some people tell me I make it look easy but the truth is retirement is hard work. If you don’t believe me then just take a look at all these ongoing boat projects. (Obviously written some time ago as the boat is now long gone). Do you think my boat projects get done without me?

Friends and family. Time. Time is the most valuable thing that you can give anyone, honest – a very close second is obviously thousands and thousands of $$$$$ dollars.

PETS – Just ask Patti what I came to find out on my own as a secret to a happy and successful retirement life while hiking the Pacific crest Trail and she will name these three things. It took me the first few hundred miles hiking just to get that “working world shit” out of my mind. And every thought that ever came to my head while hiking I stopped to write it down. I filled up three full spiral notebooks. But, when you drill it down to what you really only need is the following three things:

A. Having someone to love

B. Having something to do.

C. Having something to look forward to.

If you possibly are missing one of the three above then start today by doing something about it.

IN MY OPINION. Pets and boats can accomplish all three.


On boats honest, one can never ever own enough of them. On motorcycles…… on toys in general you can never ever own enough of them. BUT, YOU MUST USE THEM. Out there is someone right now who with the most minimalist of things or items is probably enjoying themselves to the max right now. And you or me or anyone else may be wishing we were out there just like them. YouTube is full of videos of people now showing you how much fun they are having riding, driving, fixing, traveling, gardening, cooking, even tending to livestock.


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