It’s Not the Destination It’s the Ride

The other riders were still enjoying their breakfast when I walked out of the rustic restaurant and over to my Honda Africa Twin motorcycle, whom I affectionately now call “the Conquista” sort of a take on the conquistadors. It already came to me with a name – Africa Twin. But, since the Honda or I have yet to set foot or tire in Africa conquista rolled off the tongue a whole lot easier.

The sign above was displayed in an antique store that was not yet open or I would’ve purchased it. Soon the eight or so riders would assemble, a quick ride back to the hotel to check out, pack and we would be on our way to the Canadian border. Our goal was to ride around British Columbia, Canada. If you look at a map you could easily see that we could not accomplish that goal on account of no roads and lots of salt water. At Prince Rupert where there are no roads to continue our ride around British Columbia, we boarded a ferry that would then drop us off to another road that would continue. I believe we boarded at least two or three boat ferries plus a free cable ferry that could only take four riders across at a time. One week was allotted for this ride. Also forgot to add that parts north were engulfed in flames, yes Canada was also experiencing what we in California now refer to as Fire season.

Our meetup hotel and start of our ride around British Columbia.