Coronavirus, Grandparents and Sick Grandkids

Someone in the news recently urged people around the world to follow steps to avoid disease transmission, like hand washing, avoiding traveling while sick and seeking care immediately upon feeling ill.

Those over 60 years old, or who have underlying health issues, may wish to take added precautions, they added like avoiding crowded spaces and not interacting with people who are sick.

Coronavirus sick grandkids grandpa protection posture version 1.0.

Does this include grandkids I now wonder? At the moment I’m cornered and hunkered down on my couch by not one but, countem two sick boys. And trying to stay away from them doesn’t seem to help. Now that the one year old can fast crawl he can also easily find me hiding in the War Room. Even shutting the doors doesn’t work; the three year old can easily open them. With those doe eyes, cough and snotty nose they each now think this is just another game. Help! This is just a normal sick.