My Phantom 3 Professional Drone

If you own one or know how to fly em then this story is not meant for you. If a drone may be in your future then ok. I’m a firm believer in people acquiring certain skills in their lives as humans. This is the latest skill I believe should be acquired by us all. Why? Perhaps because the future is coming at you – and fast.

The young on a daily basis work their muscle memory skills. You can easily see them working their fingers while sitting, standing or even walking or driving. One day in the not so distant future you too may need those skills to simply move around the neighborhood or home.

Why not start learning how to fly now. It’s not only creative but, fun. I recommend first starting your drone flying by using a simulator program that you upload to your computer. If you are only flying something that is not expensive then by all means fly it like you stole it. But, if flying something that cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars for the first time, with a greater than average chance of crashing or losing it then proceed at your own risk.

Roy’s Fly In.