Hike, hiking and more hiking

Today I woke up to Santa Ana winds blowing around the Inland Empire and our neighborhood at near 30 mph. Still, the dog got walked and before long I yearned for a hike with some elevation gain.

Almost forgot. Patti is just recovering from the flu and I am into my second day with the flu but, also on the recovery. Yes I’ve had my flu shot.

Walker canyon is local and easy to get to. Just off Lake on the 91 freeway.

“Thank you, thank you” my first thoughts of the still New Year after the day is started and sorted out.

The motivation: Camino Portuguese training; elevation gain to test our current fitness level and medicinal purposes.

The trail: Forest trail like dirt/rock. Recent site of one of the best California poppy fields viewing area in the state.

Today’s stats and Route

The new Gaia app works well even in airplane mode. As you can see it easily tracked us on our hike both in cell and airplane mode.