Cabo at Work and Mi Casa

The waiter like most in classy restaurants introduces himself to Patti and I; by welcoming us and asking if this is our first visit to Cabo and the restaurant. Why no of course; and don’t you remember me, I respond- I remember you?

Without so much as missing a beat he begins by adding that he’s worked at Mi Casa for the past twenty four years.

I begin to wonder if he gets asked this same question allot but, then (maybe he does) as he quickly pulls out this well worn and laminated picture of himself in his white clean and pressed waiter shirt.

Mi Casa su Casa is one of our favorite stops while visiting Cabo. Another is the “Office “.

Something about the atmosphere in Baja, the open air seating, the simple decor, bright colors that add to deliciously tasty prepared meals and the margaritas; the freshest caught seafood and always great seeing the lady making your fresh homemade hand tossed tortillas.

And this guy is ready to go to work. Only to him he approaches it always with a smile.