Maintenance Physical and More

This morning on my drive to obtain a physical I roll over on the road a recent road kill – a raccoon. The poor critter was probably in the prime of life- like me now; when he made just one fatal choice to cross a country road during rush hour.

This raccoon road kill brought me back to years ago while in my early twenties. Mike Hardy and I were in USAF Survival school at the time. We were heading to town (Spokane, Washington) population then somewhat in the 300 thousand range. To me coming from Miami and Mike from New Jersey; this was a small town.

We drove the road into town from Airway Heights, a yet smaller town just outside of Fairchild AFB.

Suddenly up ahead Mike spots not one but two roadkills. One a rattler and the other a raccoon. Possibly ran over during low light hours. We stop to access the carcasses and determine that the six foot rattler is a fresh kill and deserving of a skinning and an eating.

While Mike works on the rattler I make a decision that a Daniel Boone type cap can easily be made with the carcass now in front of me. We finish the task at hand and place the remains in the bed of my 1966? International 4×4 pick up truck.

That evening as we drink beer and bbq a rattler I remember running around the yard acting like Daniel Boone fighting off a band of Indians. If you are not familiar with Boone he as a young adult, supplemented his farm income by hunting and trapping around the year 1775.

I’ve since lost track of that ‘coon cap but, still have one on my shelf. Perhaps a reminder of when life was simpler and two young men skinning a snake on the side of a road to eat was not such a big deal. No photos to post, no big drama story that needed to be embellished.

Perhaps my walking down the middle of a river yesterday for exercise with my nephew was not such a big deal but, the memories can last a lifetime.