Day 8 – Zero Day

This morning I felt totally disconvubulated when I got up after sleeping in what resembled a cross between a garden shed and outdoor closet; so I took a zero day.

A zero day in my hiking world means a rest day, zero as in no miles walked or hiked.

Disconvubulated is perhaps only as an American slang word of unknown origin that goes back well over a century. Probably just a fanciful alteration of discommode, discomfit, discompose, etc.

Feast or famine in our daily lodging choices. Tonight it was a feast night as we stinky hikers were dropped off after the day at a mineral springs resort. Totally self contained within a lush jungle setting. A waterfall, creek, trails. I splurged and was the first to sign up for a spa package of a much needed facial, right after my hot rock massage and twenty minute sauna to open up those pores that may have failed to open over the past week of trekking through everything from jungle to farmland.

Rio Perla resort – mineral spring

Sorry no pictures you’ll just have to take my word for the resort. And then in the afternoon it began to pour. A lightening strike took out the front power post. Thunder could be heard for a long time throughout the area. We decided dinner in town was a cheaper option so we all piled into a seven passenger 4×4 trailblazer and Fabian drove us to town running over the cats, dogs and frogs that kept falling from the sky.

On the El Camino Costa Rica.

And today we stopped to visit a yoga retreat and naturally I took some pictures.

A great future lodging stop on the camino?

Me now after trekking through the jungle on day nine of our camino.

Pura Vida baby