Day 5 – Camino Costa Rica

Good morning Costa Rica!! I just sprayed myself with jungle juice deodorant and now ready for a breakfast of you guessed it, beans and rice. All kidding aside the food to me is all delicious. And yes you even get beans and rice with your eggs in the morning. And the Costa Rica coffee is my new favorite.

They say all caminos start off by first working your body, and then if you survive the first test, the camino moves on to your mind and towards the end, it finally reaches your very soul.

So far our stages 1 through 5 are all body over mind and soul stages. The first stage, I’ll refer to as the mosquito stage. Stage one did a great job on all our bodies as we all still have the mosquitoe bites to prove it.

One of the girls with us claims her stretch pants, which she says she will never ever wear again on this camino, served her ass on a platter to the mosquitoes; in a pin cushiony sort of way.

Our day one mosquito bites now can easily be distinguished between days 2, 3 and four bites. I can also now add an ant bite on my hand and two tick bites on either leg but, no leeches yet. Don’t laugh that may come later from a future water crossing. Such is the Camino Costa Rica adventure. Not all stages are for everyone but, some of the stages are for anyone wanting a camino experience.

One of our guide Sergio has two wasp bites from stage two, one on his forehead and one on his shoulder. He took the hit for the group in an early warning sort of way by walking ahead of us towards a wasp nest The wasp nest within strike distance of the camino road we were on.

And so I asked our indigenous guide how he got the scar on his chin and before he could answer our other guide showed us his scar marks. Seems a certain type of fly around here strikes and lays their eggs in you. The area around the strike consumes your body in a leprosy sort of way. Shots on your butt for thirty days are the only known cure. Great. Now I find myself looking at a recent fly bite. Just noticed these two new arrivals.

When you gotta go, you gotta go.

The second stage, walking down gravelly plantation roads worked on toughening up our feet, for some, turning them into hamburger.

Then on to stages 3 and 4, elevations gain and losses equal to climbing nearly 250 flights of stairs was all body over mind control.

Today stage five can be called the start of the “mind” stage on account of another up and down gravelly road that gives one the opportunity to be in oneself and think.

Day 4 – Staying at Finca TRES EQUIS was our best stay yet. Remember on the camino here it is feast or famine as jungle lodging can be hard to find.

Our host (Don Alfonso) could not have been more accommodating. Today compared to yesterday is a short day. What makes today special is the road scenery and walking through several villages.

One of our guide lives in this picturesque village. Prior to arrival at tonight’s lodging we stopped at a local store for cokes, chicharrones and anything salty.

Another day closer to the Pacific side of the Camino.

Pura Vida