My Day 1 (uno) – Costa Rica Camino

Some people like their whole vacations planned well in advance – So, If you’re not like most people and the word “adventure ” is not well defined for you, then maybe the Camino Costa Rica is in your future.

Right now I lay on a hammock at Rancho Julio Knight, overlooking the River Pasquale. A mere crocodile striking distance from the rivers edge

Tonights lodging includes beds, with window screens as our only barrier against the jungle insects all around.

Large birds are nearby making a ruckus, howler monkeys earlier could be heard and seen across the river swinging. This river, a short distance away empties itself into the Caribbean ocean.

A cool breeze now blows with no mosquitoes to bother me. Earlier as we walked across the Pasquale Reserve that was not the case. I did my best to sandwich myself between the two pilgrim female mosquito magnets. A cloud of mosquitoes swarmed each one with me swatting endlessly with my ball cap as we walked the 6.5 kilometers of the preserve while our guide pointed out the three types of monkeys, two toed sloths, a rare type of heron that only breeds and this one area and let’s not forget the endless amounts of leather back turtle eggs we saw about to hatch.

A cold anything to drink right now could easily top off the evening. And that icy cold shower earlier took some of the mosquito stings away.

Right now I doused myself with another mosquito repellent dousing and moved to a new location. Guess I’ll be smelling like repellent all night.

Today we completed section one (1) of the camino. Three expats, two from Canada, and one from Ohio; and yours truly from California.

One could best describe section one of the Camino Costa Rica as more a warm up tour than the start of the way or if you prefer, the camino.

Once we were dropped off at Muelle Goshen by our guide we boarded a panga type boat that took us to Julio Knight lodge. Our first night stay. And I plan on returning here on a future fishing trip.

Unofficially, I am claiming the number 501 spot as the five hundred and first person that will complete the Camino Costa Rica.

The others can claim their numbers if they finish. I say if, because not everyone is doing all fourteen sections of the Camino Costa Rica.

If you are new to the camino way. Start by first doing a little research, watch a little YouTube, maybe read on Kindle a book or two about walking a Camino; plus if on Facebook join or follow a group or two about the Camino (?). Which Camino? Possibly the one I’m now on. Possibly the newest on of them all – El Camino de Costa Rica.

Walk across an entire country from coast to coast and in a two week period. Highly recommend a guide as the Camino markings are either intentionally or not yet posted throughout out the camino.

The Camino de Santiago de Compostela in Spain is over 1,000 years old. In 2017, more than 300,000 people walked some part of the 500-mile long “Camino Frances” and arrived in Santiago de Compostela.

On the other hand, the Camino de Costa Rica is slightly less than two years old and as of 2019, I claim the 501st spot to finish the camino since it was completed less than two years ago.

A guide is required for day one without a doubt. Today on day two is the first time I’ve seen any form of trail markings.

Today day two and our human app guide by the name of Vladimir keeps talking up a storm about everything Costa Rica. Plus Vida. More to follow.

Rafa on the Camino

Wishing for rain. A scorcher today.