My Travel Day- Camino Costa Rica

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My greatly discounted Avianca flight left Los Angeles about an hour later than scheduled, sometime around one a.m.

And now we wait for about an hour in Guatemala before the flight takes off for my final destination, San Jose Costa Rica.

A little longer than normal on account of a wheelchair bound old geezer now refusing to leave his airline seat in Guatemala. Guess maybe he was hoping to reach Costa Rica, the land of Pura Vida.

It finally took nearly the force of two men, one woman attendant and his daughter to finally pry him from his seat.

On day one I saw San Jose from the perspective of a Tico. One whose life was set on a different trajectory many decades ago, on account of speaking English and becoming a foreign exchange student in Tacoma, Washington.

I am so fresh off the Camiño Francés that if I had (which) I don’t, bedbugs bites – they would be healed about now.

My 790 km walking legs from the Camino Francés were ready nearly two weeks later for a new Camino and the closest one I found is in Costa Rica.

What? You’ve never heard of it. Well neither did I till recently. This Camiño CR is so new that I am now literally on the ground floor with the original organizers.

So, stay tuned I/we are one day from the start of stage one of fourteen stages totaling less than 200 miles from the Caribbean to the Pacific oceans.

The very real differences between Caminos that are now apparent is the climate, the animal life, the trail, and albergues are not a common word for pilgrims here and neither is Buen Camino.

I am very much looking forward to seeing the jungle, volcanoes, monkeys, snakes and bird and reptiles in the wild real soon.

If you’ve been on a European Camiño before or seen monkeys in zoos before, let me just say that there should be little similarity between the two.

But then I’ve yet to get started so stay tuned for daily updates.

Below a working clock. I saw one similar in Spain in a museum.

The current exchange rate is around 500 colons to the dollar. I withdrew 200 million. Around $170 US dollars.

Pura Vida

Rafa on the Camino Costa Rica

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  1. Buen camino……no two caminos are the same……there is nothing to compare to!
    I hope to do the Camino Costa Rica someday, so your details will be so helpful. Blessings on your travels.


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