Such is Life

A French pilot I assume is now safely flying the Air Francés plane delivering me in less than two hours, from Madrid to Paris.

I remember many years ago lying on a bed, on a hot August night; a miserably muggy Miami, Florida night. Not a bit of air stirred. No, we did not own air conditioning then. Perhaps it wasn’t even invented.

Sleep would not come and tomorrow another school week day. Suddenly I soon found myself tossing a ball from one side to the other – if only in my head.

Sometimes I would even miss catching the ball. No problem, it only bounced freely around the insides of my now empty head. This little game entertained a young boy back then. Sleep finally arrived or perhaps the morning breeze stirred for just a little.

Sweat at times provided the necessary coolness for sleep to finally arrive. On a bed with not even a white sheet to cover me. Wearing white boys underwear, probably washed by my dear mother in clorox bleach and dried on a clothesline.

The definition for boredom is …..

I guess I’ve never really known the word.

Could having too much time on your hands be such a bad thing.

– Why try to fill every waking hour?

On the Camino de Santiago guys and gals like me tend to do extremely well. Perhaps it’s an early bird catching the worm sort of thing.

And yet this morning in a Madrid hotel I woke up thinking; yesterday I took a walking tour of Madrid and ate some great tapas.

And then I walked right past a sign offering a Thai massage on the way to my hotel room. The massage helped some to stretched my tired arms, legs, feet and shoulders but, how could I entertain myself for four more days in Madrid, Spain, and by myself.

This morning the decision to stay in Madrid for another five nights waiting for a flight home was made for me by the hotel. You see, they tend to double the room rates for Friday through Sunday.

And so friends and family this is how I now find myself flying to Paris to entertain that same brain that years ago needed a little diversion before being able to finally fall asleep.

The journey continues.

Rafa in Paris

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