The 100 km mark and the Camino

Today it got as real as real can get on account that my Camino journey may soon intercept its destination – Santiago. Meaning the end may soon be near. Only around 690 km to go.

Now you may have heard in the past sayings such as; the journey is the destination but, what does it all really mean?

My mind unlike possibly a great deal of the population tends to try to out think the future. And so, in order to shift my focus from the goal at hand – Santiago de Compostela.

My goal is simply the journey.

By tackling smaller bite sized daily goals – sort of a carrot and a stick approach to me.

Small wins daily = equals large successes in the end.

For those still paying your dues in blisters, sweat, and tears to get here – this is the landmark that awaits you at the 100 km mark.

“The journey is the destination.”

From the very start of my Camino I knew that my journey was never really about finishing.

– I simply knew I always could, from the very start.

“What I wanted out of this journey most of all was to experience those life changing moments and experiences where connecting with your fellow being in a forgiving environment is the norm.”

Those words written something like 600 kilometers back when I was a younger and less wiser Peregrino- or was I?

My camino has now ended- why I even traveled as far as the Finisterre, the ends of the known world in medieval days.

Sometimes it seems we can easily turn a simple journeyinto something more complicated than it needs to be.

We will never make a journey of a thousand miles by fretting about how long it will take or how hard it will be.

We make the journey by taking each day step by step and then repeating it again and again until we reach our destination.

The same way as life itself.

Buen Camino, always.